Department of ” IT engineering”

Head of the Department "IT-Engineering"

Nurgulzhanova Asel Nurgulzhanovna, Candidate of Technical Sciences,
Associate Professor
Phone: +7 (727) 292 34 52

History of the department

Information technologies at the turn of the last centuries have become one of the priority directions in the development of science, education and the economy in general. Currently, information systems are widely used in all spheres of human activity, and in this sense, the transport and communication complex (TСС) is no exception. There is an urgent need for training specialists in the operation and development of information systems in TCC, to solve urgent problems in transport and in the economy. This was one of the main reasons for the opening in 1998 of the Department of Mathematical Methods in Economics at ALT. The main goal of the department is to train specialists who can not only operate information technologies, but also develop new information systems, conduct testing and put them into operation. The demand for specialists in the directions of the department is unambiguous

One of the largest scientists in the CIS in the field of information systems, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Azat Aripovich Tashev was invited to organize the department. In addition, prominent scientists from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan were involved.

Since that time, engineers have been trained in the specialty 091340 ” Information Systems” (in economics). Since 2001, the department also trains system engineers in the specialty “Information systems in Engineering” (transport).

In May 2002, the Department of MME was renamed the Department of Information Systems. Since 2004, the department has also been training bachelor’s students in the specialty 050703 – “Information Systems”.

Since 2007, the department has started training personnel in the specialty 050704 – “Computer engineering and software”. This decision was dictated by the need for specialists who can not only operate and develop software products, but also maintain computer equipment.

In 2008, the Department of ” Computer engineering and software” was separated from the Department of “IS”.

In 2009, the two departments of ” IS ” and ” Computer engineering and software” were merged into the Department of “Computer Engineering and Information Systems”.

In September 2019, the “Department of Computing and Information Systems” was renamed into the Department of “IT Engineering”. Today, the head of the department is Candidate of Technical Sciences, Assoc. professor Nurgulzhanova A.N.

Currently, ALT has all the conditions for training specialists in the above areas: there is a library and a reading room equipped with modern equipment and an extensive literature base, computer classes combined in a local network and an Internet class, specialized laboratories for conducting special courses and graduate design.

Graduates’ professional activities are public and private enterprises and organizations that develop, implement and operate information systems in various fields, namely: mechanical engineering, metallurgy, transport, telecommunications, science and education, healthcare, agriculture, service, administrative management, economics, business, management of various technologies, that is, in almost all spheres of human activity.

The subject of professional activity of graduates is computers and computer systems and networks with appropriate hardware and software, as well as information technologies, models, methods, programming languages and technologies.

Contacts of the Department

Department: IT-Engineering

Address: 97 Shevchenko st., Masanchi corner, 4th floor, room 2407
Phone: +7 (727) 292-57-86, internal phone: 11-09.

Educational scientific laboratories

Laboratory “Computer class”

2402 audience

Laboratory “Scheme Engineering”

2409 audience

Laboratory “Kaspersky”

5805 audience

Laboratory “Oracle”

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