6В07132 – Robotic systems in transport

Name of the educational program

6В07132 – Robotic systems in transport

Purpose of the educational program

Training of highly qualified personnel in the field of robotization of production processes in the transport industry, capable of competently operating, servicing and introducing robotic systems and complexes into production.

LO1 – Analyze scientific and technical literature and documentation in the state and foreign languages

LO2 – Carries out professional activities, guided by social and ethical values, spiritual processes in society, interpersonal and legal interests of the parties, protection of rights in the implementation of professional activities.

LO3 – Applies the laws of mathematics, physics and materials science in solving robotization problems and systematizes production processes using information and communication technologies.

LO4 – Applies modern methods to ensure life safety, labor protection and environmental protection in the implementation of professional activities.

LO5 – Applies methods of automatic control, regulation and optimization of technological processes in solving robotization problems.

LO6 – Designs, models and programs robotic systems using industrial logic controllers and network technology.

LO7 – Applies the laws of mechanics in solving problems of drives and mechanisms of robotic systems in order to ensure their reliable and trouble-free operation.

LO8 – It uses elements of electronic, sensory, microprocessor and information-measuring equipment, as well as electrical devices and equipment in solving problems of robotization in transport.

LO9 – Applies modern methods of artificial intelligence to create, manage and diagnose mobile, intelligent and humanoid robots.

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