6В06209- Radio engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications

Name of EP 6В06209- Radio engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications
Description Training of qualified specialists for the infocommunication industry with practical skills in applying modern methods of designing and operating telecommunication systems.

The Department of Information and Communication Technologies of the Academy of Logistics and Transport prepares specialists in the field of telecommunications who will be in demand in all spheres of infotelecommunications, including the railway and subway.

You will be able to learn from the best practicing teachers in the field of radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications:

Mamilov B.E. – Associate Professor of KazATK, has 23 years of experience in leading telecommunications companies, such as «Kazakhtelecom» JSC and «Transtelecom» JSC, 4 years of teaching experience;

Saydakhmetov M.A. – Ph.D., associate professor, has 10 years of experience in the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan and more than 15 years of teaching experience.


– to create mathematical and physical models for converting digital signal processing in communication channels, schematic calculations of radio engineering devices based on linear and nonlinear circuits;

– to organize the work and control of peripheral devices of microprocessor technology, microcontrollers, robots and robotic systems;

– to develop subscriber access networks based on last mile multi-service networks, NGN, IP-telephony, contact center systems and monitor their performance;

– to solve the problems of electrodynamics of radio wave propagation in the development of antenna-feeder devices;

– to solve the issues of construction and functioning of modern wireless, mobile networks, digital TV and radio broadcasting systems, digital transceiver devices;

– demonstrate knowledge in planning an experiment, solving design problems, maintaining fiber-optic communication lines and M2M networks.

Manager for areas in infocommunications (including the administrative level); engineer (by category); electromechanic (specialist in information security in telecommunication systems and networks) («Kazteleradio» JSC, «Kazakhtelecom» JSC, «Transtelecom» JSC, «Kazaeronavigatsiya» RSE, «Kar-Tel» LLP, «Altel» JSC, TV channels «Kazakhstan», «NTK», «KTK», «31 channel» etc.)

To train highly qualified specialists, in accordance with the requirements of higher education, it is necessary today to have a powerful laboratory base. The department has specialized laboratories for the disciplines of the specialty. For example, friendly, scientific and methodological relations with the St. Petersburg University of Telecommunications named after V.I. Bonch-Bruevich. The result of this cooperation is the installation of 8 universal stands with instrumentation for laboratory work in special disciplines.

The department «ICT» successfully cooperates with such companies as JSC «Transtelecom», JSC «National company» Kazakhstan Temir Zholy » (Signaling and communication distances), JSC «Kazteleradio».

Work is underway to establish relations with «Kar-Tel» LLP, «Altel» JSC, «Kazakhtelecom» JSC, «Kazaeronavigatsia» RSE.

Bachelors undergo all types of internships in leading companies in Kazakhstan – «Kazakhstelecom», «Transtelecom», «Kar-Tel» LLP, « Altel» JSC and other telecommunication companies. The advantages of internships are that nonresident students can undertake internships at their place of residence throughout Kazakhstan, where there are branches of these companies.

– CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) – a certified network technology technician specialist;

– CCNA Routing and Switching (Cisco Certified Network Associate) – certified specialist in routing and switching;

– CCNA Security – Certified Network Security Specialist;

– CCNA VoIP – certified IP telephony specialist;

– CCNA Wi-Fi – Certified Wireless Networking Specialist.

Yelenov E.E. – Director of the branch of JSC “NK” Kazakhstan Temir Zholy «Main center of communication control»
Sarov M.O. – Deputy Director for Communications of the branch of JSC “NK” «Kazakhstan Temir Zholy» United Almaty distance of signaling and communication
Utegenov R.K. – Deputy Director for Telecommunications of the branch of JSC “NC” KTZh “- «Directorate of the backbone network», Department of Automation, Telemechanics and Telecommunications, Astana
Lipskaya M.A. – Professor of the department «ICT»
Ivanov A.A. – Executive Director for Digitalization and Professional Education
Orazymbetova A.K. – Doctor РhD of the department «ICT» 
Azelkhanova Zh.A., Kusambaeva N.Sh., Kargulova A.N., Aktaylakova D.A., Mataeva A.B., Kuzerbay K.K. – teachers of the department «ICT»

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