Академия логистики и транспорта
Айткулов Жалау Сагимбаевич

Aitkulov Zhalau Sagimbaevich

Senior Lecturer, master’s degree

Email: zh.aitkulov@alt.edu.kz

Professional biography

From 1991 to 2016 he worked in the KazNRTU named after K.I.Satpayev of the Department of Informatics in the positions of Engineer, Lecturer and Senior Lecturer.
From 2016 to 2017 he worked as a senior lecturer at the Department of Computer Science at the Department of Computer Science.
From 2017 to 2020 he worked at the AUPET department of “IT-engineering” as a senior
teacher. In JSC “KazATK named after M. Tynyshpayev” she has been working since 2020 as a Senior Lecturer of the Department of “IT Engineering”. General
scientific and pedagogical experience is 27 years. Works constantly on improving his qualifications, took advanced training courses in field of IT, has certificates, is the author of more than 20 scientific and methodological works over the past 5 years, including publications with a non-zero impact factor in the Web of Science database, Thomson Reuters, Scopus – 4. Actively participates in annual international , republican scientific and practical conferences and seminars.


KazPTI named after V.I. Lenin, Automation and telemechanics, 1991;
Kainar Academy, Master technical sciences – IS, 2015;


 1. Kalizhanova A., S. Amirgalieva, A. Kozbakova, G. Kashaganova, Zh. Aitkulov. Research of new structures of the tilt fiber bragg gratings and their properties. Materials of the V International Scientific and Practical Conference “Informatics and Applied Mathematics”. Almaty, Kazakhstan. –2020 –C.38-47.
2. W. Wójcik, P. Kisala, A. Kalizhanova, A. Kozbakova, S. Amirgaliyeva, Z. Aitkulov. Spectral measurements of optic fiber using tilted fiber Bragg gratings Herald
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3. Kalizhanova A.U., Kisala P., Amirgalieva S.N., Kozbakova A.Kh., Aytkulov Zh.S. Development and research of new structures of an inclined Bragg fiber lattice and their properties. Bulletin of KazNRTU them. K.I.Satpayev. –2020. –No. 3 (139). –S.516-531.
4. Kalizhanova A.U., Amirgalieva S.N., Aitkulov Zh.S., Orazbekov Zh.T., Arslanova S., Iskakova M.T. Development of
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–2020. –Р.165-175.
5. Vuytsik V., Kisala P., Kalizhanova AU, Kozbakova A.Kh., Aitkulov Zh.S., Orazbekov Zh., Iskakova M., Arslanova S. Experimental-model
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Physics, ecology-geographers, economics, zhene Aleumettik factorlardy eskere otyryp, interrogation zhyesinin sapasyn
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9. Kalizhanova A.U., Aitkulov Zh.S., Kozbakova A.Kh. Symzyz sensorlyқ zhelіlerdі rudyk zamanaoui tendenciesalary Vestnik KazNRTU. – Almaty:
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10. Kashaganova G.B., Kalizhanova A.U., Amirgaliev S.N., Akhmetov S.S., Aitkulov Zh.S. Modern technologies
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11. Vuytsik V., Kalizhanova A.U., Kozbakova A.Kh., Kashaganova GB, Aitkulov Zh.S. Fiber reconstruction models and methods
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12. Vuytsik V., Kisala P., Amirgalieva S.N., Kalizhanova A.U., Kozbakova A.Kh., Aitkulov Zh.S.
Experimental prototype of the interrogation system and determination of technological parameters for
creation of the structure of the NRB Proceedings
International Symposium “Reliability and Quality”. Penza: PSU. –2020. – T. 2. – C. 110-114.
13. Aitkulov Zh.S., Kalizhanova A.U., Kozbakova A.Kh. Computer modeling of wireless sensor networks Materials of the scientific conference IIVT KN MES RK “Innovative IT and Smart-technologies”, dedicated to the 70th anniversary
Professor Utepbergenov I.T. – 2019. –S.62-70.
14. F. Malikova, Yakufujiang Azati, A. Kozbakova, T. Kartbaev, A. Doszhanova, Zh. Aitkulov
Research and Implementation of License Plate Recognition System Based on Python3 & open CV 14 International Asian
school-seminar “Problems of Optimization of Complex Systems”. Issyk-Kul. –2018. –S.27-35. – Almaty, 2018 .– S. 27 – 34.

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