Department of “Natural-scientific disciplines”

Head of the department of "Natural-scientific disciplines"

Tasbolat Yerbolat Bekbolatly

Audience: № 5210

Department history

The department “Natural-scientific disciplines” dates back to the organization in 1931 of the educational and consulting center of the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers, the Almaty Automobile and Road Institute, and then the branch of TashIIT and the Ust-Kamenogorsk branch.

In 1969, a section of chemistry was allocated to the Department of Physics, the department was renamed “Physics and Chemistry”.

In 1973. the department was divided into two: “Physics” and “Chemistry and Materials Science”. The head of the department “Physics” was elected Ph.D. MA Pak, who was the head of the department initially, since 1976, from the moment of ALIIT foundation until 1983. Then the department was headed by Ph.D. S.E. Kozhirova. From 1985 to 1996, the department was headed by Ph.D. J.A. Sarsenbayev.

In 1971, the Department of Higher Mathematics and Theoretical Mechanics was created at the Almaty branch of TashIIT. The department provided educational process in all subjects of mathematical and mechanical cycles.

In 1976, in connection with the opening of ALIIT, the departments “Higher Mathematics” and “Theoretical Mechanics” were created, and in 1977. the Department of Applied Mechanics, which was headed by AK Kayupov for a number of years, was separated from the Department of Higher Mathematics.

At one time the department of “Higher Mathematics” in different years was headed by Associate Professor Mustakhishev KM, Professor Aldashev SA, Professor Massanov Zh.K. and Tynybekova S.D., associate professor Kasymov E.K.

The heads of the departments “Physics” and “Chemistry” were prof. L (M) .B. Bektenov, who in 1999 was appointed vice-rector of educational and methodological work, doctor of chemical sciences, professor E.M. Menligaziev, Doctor of Chemical Sciences M.Kh. Kim, Ph.D. – A.M. Alimzhanov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor M. Iskakov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor L. S. Verveikin.

In 2004, the departments “Physics” and “Chemistry” were again united under the leadership of Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor S.M. Malgazhdarov, who at that time was the head of the Department of Physics, the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Mechanics of Materials was formed. After in 2007-2008, the Department of Physics and Mathematics was headed by Ph.D. Dyachenko E.A.

In 2008, after the merger of the departments “Physics, Chemistry and Mechanics of Materials” and “Higher Mathematics”, the Department of “Natural and Scientific Disciplines” was formed, which from 2008 to 2010 was headed by Ph.D., associate professor Almagambetova S.T. .. From 2010 to the present, the department is headed by Ph.D. Dyachenko E.A.

At present, the department “Natural Science” includes two sections: “Physics” and “Mathematics”. Over the years, a highly qualified scientific and technical team of the department has been formed, numbering in some years up to 30 people. In addition to educational laboratories, scientific laboratories of photochemistry and metal corrosion were created.

For many years, such teachers of physics, chemistry and mathematics have worked fruitfully for the benefit of the department and made a great personal contribution to its development:

Ph.D. S.I. Burkovskiy;
Ph.D. HER. Makletsov;
Ph.D. JI.B. Fedulina;
Ph.D. Ya.E. Schwartzman;
Ph.D. V.F. Ostapenko;
Ph.D. V.T. Pivneva;
Ph.D. S.E. Kozhirov;
Ph.D. M.A. Pak;
Ph.D. J.A. Sarsenbayev;
Ave A.JI. Kuzevanov;
Ph.D. K.K. Abdugafarov, who wrote a large number of textbooks on physics in the state language;
Ph.D. DI. Irzhanov;
Ph.D. JI.T. Kalkabaev;
Ph.D. D.W. Begalieva; I.B. Zelenova, who wrote a large number of various teaching aids and instructions in physics;
Art. Rev. HELL. Dzhumashev; O. M. Bergebaeva, who made a significant contribution to the development of the state language, is written about her in the bibliographic collection “Honored people of the Kazakh land”;
Art. avenue L.G. Murasheva;
Ph.D. K.M. Zhumanova, who in 2006 was awarded the Medal “Honorary Worker of Higher Education” from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor L.S. Verveikin;
teacher P.T. Akhmetova;
head lab. A.A. Matafonov.

Currently, the staff of the faculty of the department includes:

1 – professor of ALiT, 6 – teachers with a scientific degree and 5 teachers. The degree of degree of the department is 75%.

There are 4 laboratories at the Department of Natural Sciences.

The potential of the department allows to ensure a high scientific and methodological level of the educational process, as well as to conduct research in the field of physics, mathematics and in various fields of transport science.

Transport of Kazakhstan is experiencing an urgent need for the training of highly qualified engineering personnel who possess modern knowledge not only in the field of transport and technology, but also fundamental knowledge in the field of physics and mathematics that determine the level of development of society as a whole.

The department works at all faculties with full-time and distance learning students in the disciplines of the cycles: “Physics” and “Mathematics”. The faculty (teaching staff) of the department is a highly qualified, professional team with various scientific schools, most of the teachers have extensive experience in the university. The age categories of the teachers of the department are different, here the teachers who are graduates of the Abai KazPI, KazNU named after al Farabi and ASU named after Abay; all of them actively continue their creative scientific activities in the research institutes of these universities. There is a continuity of generations at the department. The teachers of the department of the older generation are highly qualified and are graduates of well-known scientific schools of the former USSR.

ORGANIZATION OF THE EDUCATIONAL PROCESS. The educational and scientific process at JSC “Academy of Transport and Logistics” is carried out by a highly qualified teaching staff, of which more are doctors and candidates of sciences, professors and associate professors. ALiT provides training in 9 undergraduate specialties, 14 magistracy specialties and 5 PhD doctoral specialties. Education is carried out in full-time and distance forms, as well as in an abbreviated educational program for college and university graduates. In ALiT, the educational process is organized on the basis of three specialized faculties uniting groups of related specialties, as well as on the basis of the “Distance Learning Center”, which provides training for all specialties in natural sciences, social sciences and humanities and languages.

MATERIAL AND TECHNICAL BASE OF ALiT JSC is equipped with modern classrooms, computer labs, an electronic reading room with free Internet access, a library and a reading room, sports and recreation complexes, food outlets and comfortable student houses. For celebrations with the participation of the teaching staff of students, the academy has an assembly hall for 550 seats equipped with modern sound multimedia equipment. For holding meetings of the Academic Council, Administration, Student Government. There are two conference rooms with multimedia equipment. In the academic buildings of the academy, there are canteens for students with 500 seats for the teaching staff and staff for 150 seats.

General strategy of the department

The mission of the department is to achieve the provision of high quality personnel training through the integration of education, science and production, strengthening the material and technical base and personnel potential of the academy, the use of modern methods and technologies in the educational process.

The purpose of the department is to increase the social status of mathematical and physical, to train highly qualified competent specialists who are able to adapt to rapidly changing socio-economic conditions, to use modern information educational technologies, to improve mechanisms for monitoring the quality of education.

Tasks of the department:

– training of personnel with higher and postgraduate education for technical industries;

– the introduction of interactive and innovative methods in the organization of the educational process;

– improving the quality of scientific research base and experimental design developments;

Contacts of the Department

Department: Natural-scientific disciplines

Address: Shevchenko st., 97, Masanchi corner, 2nd floor (pavilion 5) room 5210

Educational scientific laboratories

Oscillations and wave optics


Electricity and magnetism

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Mechanics. Molecular physics and thermodynamics

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Quantum, atomic and nuclear physics

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