Академия логистики и транспорта
Калиев Жаныбек Жанатулы

Kaliyev Zhanibek Zhanatuly

assistant professor, Doctor of PhD

Email: zh.kaliev@alt.edu.kz

Professional biography

1. 2006-2008гг. – trainee teacher, assistant;
2.2008-2011гг. – Postgraduate Student, Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, Department of “Management and Informatics in Technical Systems”;
3. 2011-2014 гг. – Senior Lecturer, Senior Specialist “Center for science and training”, deputy dean for academic and scientific work;
4. 2014-2015 гг. – Fellow at the Bolashak Center for International Programs, international internship at the University of Leicester;
5. March 2015 – November 2015 Head of the Department of “Automation and Control”;
6. 2015-2020 гг. – Associate Professor, Associate Professor of KazATC, Associate Professor of ALT, Head of the Department “Electrical Power Engeneering”, assistant professor of the Department “Power Engeneering”


1. 2006, KazATC after named M.Tynyshpaeva, Electrical equipment of vehicles;
2. Candidate of Technical Sciences 2011, specialty 05.13.06 – Automation and control of technological processes and production (by industry);
3. PhD, 2014, specialty 6D070200 – Automation and control

Participation in scientific projects

1. Participation in the development of the normative and technical document “Standards for the number of employees of the distance of power supply of the railway transport system”;
2. Head of the normative and technical document “Instructions on the categorization of electric receivers of non-traction consumers of railway transport”


1. Creation of computer architecture and visualization of the 3 MW project of the solar station of the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after H. A. Yasavi. “Bulletin of KazATC», №3 (102), Almaty, 2017. pp 80-88.
2. On the issue of nucleation and growth of thermal fatigue cracks in electrical insulation materials of electric motors. “Bulletin of KazATC», №1 (104), Almaty, 2018. pp 235-242.
3. The use of a wireless communication device in the control system of an experimental solar installation. “Bulletin of KazATC”, No. 3 (106), Almaty, 2018. p. 165-172.
4. A review of methods for organizing control and energy losses for the operational needs of railway enterprises. “Bulletin of KazATC”, No. 4 (107), Almaty, 2018. p. 288-294.
5. Energy assessment and technical feasibility of creating a network of solar power plants on the basis of JSC KazATK after named M. Tynyshpayev. Materials of the III All-Russian scientific and technical conference with international participation (October 18-19, 2018) “Instruments and methods of measurement, quality control and diagnostics in industry and transport”. p.252-261.
6. Development of a device for microprocessor automatic input of power reserve. “Bulletin of KazATC”, No. 4 (107), Almaty, 2018. p. 308-313.
7. Factors determining the reliability of electrical machines. “Bulletin of KazATC”, No. 4 (107), Almaty, 2018. p. 301-308.
8. The study of the physico-mechanical properties of the insulation of traction machines under various influences. “Vestnik KazATK”, No. 4 (107), Almaty, 2018. p. 294-300.
9. Calculation of the magnetic field of the stator windings of a synchronous machine. “Bulletin of KazATC”, No. 4 (107), Almaty, 2018. p. 324-330.
10. Calculation of the magnetic circuit of explicitly polar electric machines. “Bulletin of KazATC”, No. 4 (107), Almaty, 2018. p. 330-336.

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