Name of the educational program

8D11361 – Organization of transportation, traffic and operation of transport


Training of highly qualified scientific, pedagogical and managerial personnel with innovative and professional competencies and skills to generate ideas, predict the results of innovative activities, manage complex production and scientific processes, present methodological knowledge in the field of organization and management of the transportation process in transport

The Department “Organization of Transportation and operation of Transport” of the Academy of Logistics and Transport trains specialists in the field of organization and management of the transportation process in transport

The staff of the department is staffed by teachers with experience in production activities:

Bekzhanova S.E. – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, author of more than 100 works on optimization and improvement of the transportation process, has more than 40 years of production and teaching experience.

Abibullaev S.Sh. – Assistant Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate Professor, has more than 40 years of experience in the field of transportation process management in road transport.

Aikumbekov M.N. – Associate Professor of the Academy of Logistics and Transport, Candidate of Technical Sciences, has more than 15 years of production and teaching experience.

– Demonstrate the skills of writing academic and scientific texts of various genres when performing original research works in publications of various levels

– To solve theoretical and applied research problems in the field of transport science with the development of methods for forecasting car traffic and the development of an operational management system

– To analyze the organization of the activities of transport complex enterprises and the methodology of servicing consumers of transport services based on outsourcing, reengineering and modern research approaches

– Evaluate decision-making on the organization and conduct of tenders, redistribution and minimization of the use of various resources, ways to transfer the activities of organizations into an optimal logistics business process

– Formulate methods of assessment, analysis, forecasting and improvement of transport systems

the field of science and technology, which includes a set of means, methods and methods of human activity aimed at solving complex problems related to the organization of cargo delivery in transport, modeling and designing the movement of vehicles, studying the processes and patterns of the organization of transport.

– organizations and enterprises of the transport industry in the field of transportation process management and operation of transport (railway, automobile, air, industrial, urban), cargo and passenger transportation service;

– divisions for the study and maintenance of the transport services market;

– production and sales systems, organizations and enterprises of information support of production and technological systems;

– research and design institutes

– scientific research;

– pedagogical;

– experimental research;

– organizational and managerial;

– design and technological.

Development of advanced technologies for the operation of transport system facilities; development of design and technological documentation; effective use of technical means of transport; development of feasibility-based solutions in the design of new and development of existing transport infrastructure facilities; ensuring an optimal system for the distribution of traffic flows; addressing issues of the development of capacity and carrying capacity of transport networks; development of measures to improve transport security.

Teaching activity in the direction of Transport services; specialist in the organization of transportation by means of transport; specialist in ensuring traffic safety by means of transport; specialist in operational management of passenger transportation in transport; specialist in the design of transport facilities

The department, within the framework of academic mobility and the program of double-degree education, as well as scientific internship of students, closely cooperates:

– Dresden Technical University, Germany;

– Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT), Russian Federation, Moscow;

– Omsk State University of Railway Transport (OmGUPS), Russian Federation, Omsk;

– Ural State University of Railway Transport (UrGUPS), Russian Federation, Yekaterinburg;

– Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria, Varna

– Siberian State University of Railway Transport (SGUPS), Russian Federation, Novosibirsk;

– Riga Technical University, Latvia, Riga;

– Lublin Technical University, Poland, Lublin.

The department closely cooperates with such companies as – АО «Национальная компания «Қазақстан темір жолы», АО «КазАвтоЖол», ТОО «ТрансКом», АО «ҚазТемірТранс», ТОО «СМЭУ-Алматы», КГП “Метрополитен” и др.

All types of internships and internships are held on the basis of the leading transport companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Таласбеков К.С. – Honorary Railway Worker;

Альмагамбетов К.Е. – First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board АО «НК «КТЖ»;

Урынбасаров Б.П. – Managing Director for Infrastructure, Branch Director АО «НК «КТЖ» – «Дирекция магистральной сети»;

Шипулин Н.П. – Chief Engineer of the Central Directorate of Traffic Management – Branch of JSC “Russian Railways”;

Назарбеков Е.К. – Исполнительный директор по доступу на МЖС филиала АО «НК «КТЖ» – «Дирекция магистральной сети»;

Жуматаев Ж.Т. – Главный ревизор ТОО «КТЖ-Грузовые перевозки»;

Бекжанов Д.З. – Генеральный директор ТОО «Теміртұлпар»;

Кашаганов Е.Т. – Заместитель председателя правления по перевозочной деятельности ТОО “ТрансКом”;

Бородина Е.В. – к.т.н., доцент кафедры «Управление эксплуатационной работой» – МИИТ

Богданович С.В. – к.т.н., доцент кафедры «Управление эксплуатационной работой» – СГУПС

Шарубеков М.Н. – к.т.н., Заместитель директора по эксплуатационной работе Алматинского филиала АО «Қазтеміртранс»

Карсыбаев Е.Е. – д.т.н., профессор Академия гражданской авиации

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