Академия логистики и транспорта
Альтаева Жанар Жаксыбаевна

Altayeva Zhanar

assistant professor, candidate of technical sciences, docent

Email: zh.altaieva@alt.edu.kz

Professional biography

“01.09.2003 – 31.08.2004 – Engineer of the Department “Cargo and Customs Management”
01.09.2004 – 15.03.2009 – Assistant of the Department “Cargo work Management”
16.03.2009 – 31.08.2009 – Acting Associate Professor of the Department “Cargo work Management”
02.09.2009 – 31.08.2012 – Associate Professor of the Department “Cargo Work Management”
01.09.2012 – 31.08.2018 – Associate Professor of the Department “Organization of transportation, Traffic and Operation of Transport”
01.09.2018 – 31.08.2020 – Assoc. Professor of the department “Organization of transportation, movement and operation of transport”
01.09.2020 – 31.08.2021 – Professor of the KazATK department “Organization of transportation, movement and operation of transport”
01.09.2021 to the present – assistant professor of the department “Organization of transportation and operation of transport”” “


1) In 2003 he graduated from KazATK named after M. Tynyshpaev with a degree in “Organization of transportation on transport” with the qualification of “engineer for the organization of transportation on railway transport
2) Candidate of Technical Sciences since 2009, Associate Professor in the specialty “Transport” since 2011


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