6B04125 – Marketing and business analytics

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6B04125 – Marketing and business analytics


Training of future marketers with analytical skills that allow them to study consumer needs, conduct demand research, evaluate and promote products on the market, monitor the industry, develop technologies for conducting analytical research using marketing tools in a complex, make market forecasts, plan marketing activities companies that know how to work in a team.

The learning process in the educational program “Marketing and Business Analytics” is conducted by highly qualified teaching staff of the department “Logistics and Transport Management”, who will help future specialists acquire practical skills to work in the profession, which will allow not only to find an interesting job, but also to build a successful one career. During the training process, students will be able to meet with leading marketers in Kazakhstan and experts in the field of business analytics.

Learning outcomes:

– Apply the skills of ideological, civil and moral positions in professional activity based on knowledge of information and communication technologies, rules of conduct in emergency situations, occupational safety and orientation to a healthy lifestyle.

– Use analytical tools to compile reports and develop a marketing strategy for the development of the company.

– Use the ability to work with databases to analyze them, search for patterns, identify risks and form conclusions.

– Compile a detailed overview of the market (s) for given categories, taking into account the assessment of volumes.

–  Organize advertising, analytical services of the digital environment to promote products, brand or trademark.

– Analyze the competitive environment to determine competitive advantages, forecast changes in product prices, consumer behavior.

– Implement new products from idea to successful sales using targeted advertising on various online platforms.

– Conduct market research based on the development of technical specifications for the implementation of marketing strategy, advertising campaigns, sales management, etc..

– Optimize the budget to save money on advertising without reducing its effectiveness based on the skills of building mathematical models.

– Create a visualization of a data showcase to simplify the perception of information.

– Draw up documentation for the formation of reports, explanatory notes.

– Use regulatory legislation in the process of marketing activities, advertising, implementation of competitive strategies, management decision-making.

Specialist in business analysis in information and communication technologies; manager for innovative development; specialist

innovative marketing; marketing analyst, head of marketing and advertising department; SMM manager, CRM marketer.

The department, within the framework of academic mobility of students, closely cooperates with:

– Omsk State Transport University (OmGUPS), Russian Federation, Omsk;

– Ural State Transport University (URGUPS), Russian Federation, Yekaterinburg;

– Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria, Varna

– Siberian State Transport University (SGUPS), Russian Federation, Novosibirsk;

– Riga Technical University, Latvia, Riga;

– Lublin Technical University, Poland, Lublin. – Tashkent State Transport University, Tashkent.

The Department of Logistics in Transport closely cooperates with such companies as – JSC National Company “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”, Association of National Forwarders of the Republic of Kazakhstan, – Institute of Information and Computing Technologies of the KN MES RK

– “Research and Design Institute of Transport and Communications” LLP, “EkoEnergoGaz” LLP, “KTZ-Freight Transportation” LLP – Almaty branch of the State Enterprise”, “Kamkor Wagon” LLP “Car-wheel workshops of Almaty-1 station”

To acquire valuable and useful skills, students have the opportunity to undergo an internship abroad at universities with which memorandums and agreements have been concluded, namely:

– Ural State University of Railways and Communications (Russia)

– Lublin Technical University (Poland)

In accordance with the curriculum, various types of internships are provided that can be completed in companies that are our partners

The educational program “Marketing and Business Analytics” is new, we hope that you will become our first successful and famous graduates

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