6B04142 – Economics and Management
(by industry)

Name EP 6B04142 – Economics and Management (by industry)
Description Training of competent specialists in the field of economics and management with analytical and managerial skills, able to make effective decisions, work in a team and be competitive in the labor market.

The Department of Logistics and Transport Management trains specialists in the educational program “Economics and Management (by industry). The teaching staff of the Academy will help future specialists to acquire practical useful skills necessary for working in a team, with partners, which will allow them to realize their knowledge and build a successful career. During their studies, students will have the opportunity to meet with leading experts in the field of business and management during guest lectures, as well as at practical seminars.

The teaching staff is made up of experienced employees who are engaged in research activities and have practical work skills.

Shakirthanov Baurzhan Raykhanovich – Candidate of Economic Sciences. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bastion Trans Logistics LLP

Kaltaev Aydin Kaldayakovich – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Director of the Institute of Logistics and Management. He has more than 20 scientific publications on the problems of transport development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as publications in indexed databases Web of Sence, Scopus

Akhmetzhanova Aikun Khairullayevna – Candidate of Economic Sciences. Under her leadership, in 2022, students took first place in the R&D competition in economics and management, is the author of the textbook “Workshop on Transport Economics”, conducts research on the innovative development of passenger rail transport.

Sugurova Ainur Zhanatbekovna – Candidate of Economic Sciences. She has more than 20 scientific publications in journals recommended by KKSON, as well as in collections of international scientific conferences both within the country and abroad, was awarded the diploma of the rector of KazATK named after M.Tynyshpaeva, responsible for the educational program Economics and Management (Bachelor’s degree)

Learning outcomes:

– analyze business processes and/or information and communication technologies of the company, using accounting, financial, etc. information to determine its business needs, form, model recommendations for their optimization and develop a web page

– evaluate the effectiveness of business process management taking into account financial, material, human flows, to develop a competitive strategy using the capabilities of internet platforms, increasing profitability, increasing the company’s market share in the relevant industry.

– to apply methods of mathematical tools, critical thinking for economic, statistical analysis and modeling of business processes, to argue the use of quantitative and qualitative methods to solve complex problems of economics and business

– to use knowledge of the territorial location of transport, the specifics of transportation, statistical information to make recommendations and optimize traffic flows in order to develop them at all levels of the economy

– determine the list of HR indicators, collect, process and analyze them, use modern methods of making and implementing organizational and managerial decisions to implement the principles of “lean manufacturing”, automation of business processes

– to carry out an accounting assessment of financial, material, etc. to compile the necessary reports using software, develop managerial and strategic decisions on investment issues, enter the international market

– to analyze the market and industry, monitor and evaluate competitors’ actions, effectively manage and develop e-commerce channels to increase sales through the use of marketing tools, website development

– collection, analysis, systematization of statistical, accounting and financial information using Excel programs for forecasting economic processes at the level of the industry, enterprise and the development of financial, tariff and investment policy

– to explore various methods of building a strategy of companies to enter the international market, to analyze the competitiveness of the enterprise in order to justify the pricing policy

Graduates of the OP “Economics and Management (by industry)” can work as economists in accounting and analysis of economic activity, managers of the marketing department, quality control, production and economic department, work with contracts, sales, logistics, planning and sales department, specialists in business analysis, HR Generalists, consultants in the field of human resource management, HR digitalization managers, assessors (assessment specialist), financial support specialists, brand managers, project managers, sales managers

The department, within the framework of academic mobility and the program of double—degree education, as well as scientific internship of students, closely cooperates with:

– Omsk State University of Railways (OmGUPS), Russian Federation, Omsk;

— Ural State University of Railway Transport (UrGUPS), Russian Federation, Yekaterinburg;

— Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria, Varna

— Siberian State University of Railway Transport (SGUPS), Russian Federation, Novosibirsk;

— Riga Technical University, Latvia, Riga;

— Lublin Technical University, Poland, Lublin. — Tashkent State Transport University, Tashkent.

The department cooperates closely enough with partners to solve various scientific, research and other tasks. The main partner of the Academy and the department is JSC “National Company “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”, as well as companies with whom memoranda and agreements on conducting scientific research have been concluded:

– Institute of Information and Computing Technologies of the KN MES RK

– LLP “Research and Design Institute of Transport and Communications”

– LLP “EkoEnergoGaz”

– LLP “KTZ-Cargo transportation” – Almaty branch of GP”

– Kamkor Wagon LLP “Wagon workshops of Almaty-1 station”

1C Accounting

Madi Alisher – Head of the Department of Accounting Analysis and Organizational Work of the State Revenue Management in Panfilovsky district

Turkpenbayev Abzal – Deputy .akim of the village of Kyzylozen, Tupkaragan district of Mangistau region

Aubakirov Bauyrzhan – Head of the Economic Department, JSC “NC “KTZ”

Gulmira Bodaubaeva – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor AlmaU

Kudaibergenov Rakhmetulla – Director of the International Association “Trans-Caspian International Transport Route”

Sisenkyzy Mayra – Personnel Training Administrator, PSN Kazstroy JSC

Nurkhan Karimov – marketer of the branch of the Republican state enterprise on the right of economic management “Masgut Aikimbayev National Scientific Center for Especially Dangerous Infections

Dungenova Gulnur – First Brewery LLP, export Sales accountant

Zhaksylyk Ermek – Chief Specialist, JSC Bank CenterCredit

IT Development Center, Card Management and Account Processing

Tutkabekov Baurzhan – Manager of ForteBank

Beisenbi Aliya – Specialist of the Business Development Department of Otbasybank

Madina Berdalinova – Office of the akim of the Eskeldinsky district, inspector

Zhumakov Maksatbek – Head of accounting Department, Locomotive depot. art . Aktogay

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