Name EP 7M11355 Logistics (by industry) (scientific-pedagogical, 2 years)
Description Training of highly qualified specialists with research, pedagogical and professional competencies in the field of managing the logistics processes of the transport and communication complex

The educational program is described as a single set of educational activities, clearly planned and organized to achieve the set goal. The involvement of higher postgraduate education in innovative processes is reflected in the formation of certain competencies among students. It is this set of competencies reflected in OP 7M11355 – Logistics (by industry) that has shaped graduates’ readiness of a young specialist to successfully carry out professional activities.

The difference between the competencies of other universities is that they: are an integrated result; allows you to solve a whole class of tasks; exists in the form of activity, and not just in the form of knowledge about the ways of activity.

 Competence is a didactic unit of assimilation, such forms of combination of knowledge, skills, which allows you to cope with the tasks set.

The results of the training will allow:

– integrate knowledge in pedagogy, philosophy, management, psychology and clearly convey information, ideas, conclusions, problems to solve problems in the field of logistics.

– apply the results of the work done and scientific research in the form of reports, abstracts, publications and public discussions, including in a foreign language.

– to create an algorithm for a system of scientific research, regulatory principles, methods of justification for project management and interpretation of information for evaluating projects in the transport sector.

– apply methods and models for planning and managing processes, analyzing the logistics activities of transport enterprises on a scientific basis.

– to classify methodological recommendations on strategic and innovative inventory management in the supply chains of transport and production systems.

– to design a logistics infrastructure to organize the promotion of cargo flows in international transport corridors, regional transport and logistics systems in a single information field.

– to assess the competitiveness of transport systems and the logistics services market.

– to apply modern tools in the management of transport systems based on information technology in logistics activities.

– to develop transport and logistics schemes for cargo delivery with information forwarding control and requirements of international conventions.

– to develop models of logistics risk management in supply chains for the analysis of conflict situations in transport and logistics activities.

– synthesize knowledge about the subject, ideological and methodological specifics of natural sciences and scientific concepts of world and Kazakh science.

Head of the Transport and Logistics Department; Head of the Production Logistics Group; Director of Logistics; Deputy General Director of Logistics; Director of Transport; Head of the Transport Logistics Department and Deputy Director of Transport Logistics.

The Department of “LiMT” has signed with such universities as within the framework of academic mobility and cooperation programs

The department of “LiMT” closely cooperates with such companies as JSC “National Company “Kazakhstan temir Zholy”, Association of National Forwarders of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Industrial and Logistics Center “DAMU–LOGICTICS”, LLP “STLC” (Shyngar Trans Logistics Company), LLP “Atasu”, LLP “TRANSIT KAZAKHSTAN”, ZINURTRADE LLP, etc.

Undergraduates’ internships and all types of internships take place in the following organizations:

– Scientific Research Institute of Transport and Communications;

– National Center for Space Research and Technology;

– JSC NC KTZ AND its structural divisions;

– “KTZ Express – KTZ South”

Muslim D.M. – Head of Sales and Customer Service Department of JSC “KTZ EXPRESS” Severny Branch;

E.A. Rakhimov – Assistant to the Head of the ASIA EAST LOGISTICS project;

Bitigov E.Zh. – Chief Manager of the Railway Transportation Sales Department of KTZ Express JSC;

Kostyrya N.I. – Head of the Department of Transport and Service of Shate-M Plus LLP;

Zhumashev A. – Deputy Head of Pavlodar station Branch of JSC “KTZ-GP-“Pavlodar branch of GP-Pavlodar station”.

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