Description Training of qualified specialists with professional competencies for the railway and road industry, who take into account the increasing quality requirements of specialists in the field of design, production, operation and repair of track and road vehicles.

According to the Educational program 6B07118 TRAVEL AND ROAD VEHICLES, the training of in-demand specialists for the railway and road industry is carried out, applied research works are carried out.

For carrying out educational activities there are:

– highly qualified teaching staff (2 holders of the title “Best University Teacher”, many teachers have been awarded other state awards);

– close connection with production (passing production practices at the enterprises of the industry, the presence of branches of the department in production);

 – To describe physical and mathematical processes and methods of theoretical and experimental research of transport equipment objects based on knowledge of natural science disciplines.

 – To choose modern trends in the development of IT technology and ways of their application in professional activities.

 – To use modern engineering methods to ensure life safety, labor protection and environmental protection based on the analysis of hazardous and harmful factors at track and road enterprises.

 – To compare technical and economic and organizational and managerial decisions using various marketing and management methods.

 – To solve technical problems of designing machine parts and assemblies based on the principles and methods of calculating the reliability of systems in the design of transport facilities.

 – Analyze the results of the use of modern electrical and electronic devices on track and road vehicles and equipment, taking into account the basic laws of electrical engineering. 

 – To evaluate methods and means of complex technical diagnostics of structural parameters of reliability of machines on the basis of technical standards and regulatory and technical documentation.

 – To substantiate the design and technological parameters and the technical condition of the nodes and aggregates of track and road equipment in order to determine their optimal use indicators.

 – Compare automation and documentation design indicators, methods of variant design and optimization, workflows of robot manipulation systems, computer modeling of robotic systems, production of spare parts for vehicles during their maintenance by means of 3D printing.

 – To develop technological processes of manufacturing, restoration and replacement of machine parts, operation, technical (service) maintenance and repair of mechanisms and equipment using modern means of mechanization, organization of transportation processes and road construction works, complex mechanization and automation of road (track) repair.

 – To apply professional vocabulary and basic grammar to ensure professional interaction in oral and written forms in the state and foreign languages for the study of special disciplines.

 – To form knowledge on socially significant processes, to apply the methods of the humanities and social sciences in the implementation of professional activities.

Master of the section (workshop) of track and road vehicles; engineer, repair engineer; traffic safety inspector of track and road vehicles, specialist in operational management of a column of brigades of track and road vehicles, traction rolling stock, brigades of special railway and road rolling stock; specialist in non-destructive testing, specialist in operational to the management of the team for the repair and maintenance of track and road vehicles, a specialist heat engineer.

The department cooperates with the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Information (MTUCI) within the framework of academic mobility and the program of double-degree education and the Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT), now RUT (MIIT).

The department of «Motor Vehicles and Life Safety» successfully cooperates with such companies as: «MEGA Motors» LLP, «Almaty – Dostyk Express» LLP, «MegaDrive» LLP.

Bachelors undergo all types of practices in leading companies of Kazakhstan – LLP «KTZH – Gruzovye perevozki», LLP «Almaty – Dostyk Express», LLP «MEGA Motors», LLP «MegaDrive», JSC «Kedentransservice» according to art. Dostyk. The advantages of internships are that nonresident students can practice at their place of residence throughout Kazakhstan, where there are branches of these companies.

Locksmith for the repair of track and road vehicles, assistant driver of track and road vehicles.

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