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6B07119 Cars and automotive industry


Training of personnel with professional competencies for the automotive industry, which take into account the increasing quality requirements of specialists in the field of design, production, operation and repair of cars and the automotive industry.

The department of “Cars, road equipment and standardization” of the Academy of logistics and transport trains specialists in the field of road transport, who will be in demand in all areas of the economy.

You will be able to learn from the best teachers-practitioners in the field of road transport:

Baubekov E.E. – Professor of ALT, has 31 years of teaching experience;

Toylybaev A. E. – Professor of ALT, has 6 years of experience in transport companies, 26 years of teaching experience;

Еsengaliev M. N. – Professor, has 6 years of experience in transport companies and 26 years of teaching experience.


– Apply knowledge in the field of social and spiritual processes occurring in society, interpersonal and legal issues when working in the profession.

– Use the basic concepts and fundamental laws of natural science disciplines in the processes of interaction of transport equipment objects.

– Analyze and solve issues using professional vocabulary and basic grammar in the state, Russian and foreign languages.

– Use the advanced achievements of IT-technology in professional activities in the field of motor transport.

– Apply modern methods and knowledge to ensure life safety, environmental protection and labor protection based on the analysis of harmful and dangerous factors at transport enterprises.

– Make organizational, economic and managerial decisions based on the analysis of the market economy in the field of transport.

– Solve the problems of strength and stability calculations based on the theories and principles of machine design.

– Solve practical problems based on the knowledge of electrical engineering and modern electronics on the rolling stock of road transport.

– To analyze the reliability indicators of parts and aggregates of road transport rolling stock with the use of modern diagnostic tools based on regulatory and technical documentation in the field of certification and licensing of road transport.

– To perform the classification, arrangement, performance car, solve a technical problem at the basic design calculations and engineering design of cars and other vehicles.

Master of the site (shop) ATP (STO); repair engineer; engineer of the technical department; specialist in the operational management of the team for the repair and maintenance of cars, head of the technical inspection center.

To train highly qualified specialists, in accordance with the requirements of higher education, it is necessary today to have a powerful laboratory base. The department has specialized laboratories in the disciplines of the educational program.

The department of “ADTS” successfully cooperates with such companies as JSC ” Machine-building Plant” named after him.Kirova, “Bipek Auto” LLP, “Mega Motors” LLP, “Dostyk Express” LLP.

Bachelors pass all types of practical training in the leading transport companies of Kazakhstan. The advantages of internships are that nonresident students can take internships at their place of residence throughout Kazakhstan, where there are branches of these companies.

«Application of the DKR automated control system program for the transport of dangerous goods in international traffic»

Ospanov E.K.- General Director of Mega Motors LLP;

Esengaliev M.N. – Head of the department of «ADTS», ALT.

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