Name of the educational program

6B11236-Labor protection and environmental protection in transport


Training of highly qualified specialists in the field of life safety and environmental protection, who have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for successful professional activity in all industries.

The educational program “LABOR Protection AND Environmental Protection IN Transport” was prepared at the Academy of Logistics and Transport in accordance with modern requirements, which are set out in the Atlas of New Professions and Competencies in Kazakhstan.

– Organization of labor protection at enterprises and management of labor protection services, development and organization of operational control over the state of working conditions at workplaces, training of personnel of scientific labor organization, safety, electrical and fire safety, first aid;

– Carrying out preventive measures to prevent occupational injuries, man-made and anthropogenic emergencies, the introduction of measures to exclude cases of occupational injuries, occupational and production-related diseases of workers caused by exposure to hazardous and harmful production factors;

– The introduction and ensuring the effective functioning of the QMS in organizations of all forms of management in order to improve the working conditions of employees, the organization of workplaces that comply with labor legislation, the protection of the labor rights of employees performing labor functions in unfavorable working conditions.

– Control of the state of the environment, participation in environmental expertise and audit to assess the environmental impact of technosphere regions and projects for the construction of new technical facilities, supervision of compliance with environmental legislation;

– Readiness to participate in the organization of environmental control and monitoring systems, the development of ecological and logistics schemes, environmental management at the enterprise, environmental management at the district level, urban areas;

– Willingness to carry out scientific research as an executor of new methods of control and monitoring of the environment, control of pollution sources, new technologies of energy and resource conservation;

– Development of technical projects for environmental control and monitoring, geoinformation systems, energy- and resource-saving technologies, the introduction of alternative fuels and non-traditional renewable and energy-saving energy sources, projects for the use of secondary resources, closed production cycles, environmentally optimized production-consumption cycles, as part of a team and under the leadership

Labor protection and safety engineer, environmental protection engineer, safety and environmental development specialist, specialist in waste management, rationing and state environmental expertise; special inspector for state supervision in the field of labor protection and environmental protection, researchers and specialists developers of regulatory and technical documentation in areas of occupational safety and environmental protection.

The department, within the framework of academic mobility and the program of double—degree education, as well as scientific internship of students, closely cooperates:

– Dresden Technical University, Germany;

— Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT), Russian Federation, Moscow;

— Omsk State University of Railways (OmGUPS), Russian Federation, Omsk;

— Ural State University of Railway Transport (UrGUPS), Russian Federation, Yekaterinburg;

— Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria, Varna

— Siberian State University of Railway Transport (SGUPS), Russian Federation, Novosibirsk;

— Riga Technical University, Latvia, Riga;

— Lublin Technical University, Poland, Lublin.

The Department of “Motor vehicles and life safety” successfully cooperates with such companies as: LLP “Central Asian Institute of Environmental Research”, LLP “Almaty Fan Plant”, IP —”Ecoproject A”

All types of internships and internships are held on the basis of leading companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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