6B11334 Transport ecologistics

Name EP 6B11334 Transport ecologistics
Description Training of competitive specialists in the field of logistics process management, by considering environmental standards to ensure minimization of negative impact on the environment, able to apply innovative methods of solving modern and promising problems in ecology, logistics, transportation, and supply chain management

The educational program “Transport Ecology” was prepared at the Academy of Logistics and Transport in accordance with modern requirements, which are set out in the “Atlas of new professions and competencies in Kazakhstan”. According to this document, the new profession “Environmentalist” will be in demand already in 2025 by such major international companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan as KTZ Express JSC, TRANSLINE, Tranco, DHL Logistics Kazakhstan LLP, an international design and logistics company ” Qarsan SCM, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, Freight Company TransAl LLP, etc. Educational outcome (RO)


General education disciplines
Basic disciplines:

  • Mathematics 1,2
  • Geography of transport
  • Fundamentals of economic theory
  • General course of transport
Midterm assessment 1:
exams in all disciplines (oral/written/testing – at the discretion of the teacher)


General education disciplines
Basic disciplines:

  • Ecology and life safety
  • Methods and means  of environmental pollution control
  • Basics of logistics
  • Environmental chemistry

Elective disciplines – 5 modules

Midterm assessment 2:
exams in all disciplines (oral/written/testing – at the discretion of the teacher)


Basic disciplines:

  • Labor protection
  • Environmental monitoring

Profile disciplines:

  • Transport logistics
  • Transport and logistics infrastructure 1
  • Organization of cargo and commercial work
  • Warehouse logistics

Elective disciplines – 6 modules
Production practice

Midterm assessment 3:
exams in all disciplines (oral/written/testing – at the discretion of the teacher)
Assessment for production practice


Profile disciplines:

  • Transport and logistics infrastructure 2
  • Supply chain management
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Specialized transport logistics 1,2
  • Domestic and foreign legislation

Elective disciplines – 2 modules
Practice + Research

Midterm assessment 4:
exams in all disciplines (oral/written/testing – at the discretion of the teacher)
Assessment for pre-graduate practice
The above parameters are subject to change. More detailed information is available on the website of the department “Motor vehicles and life safety”.

– Formulate arguments and solve problems of the studied area, using professional vocabulary and basic grammar in oral and written forms, apply regulatory and technical documentation and specialized environmental literature in the transport and logistics industry in the state and foreign languages

– To use the foundations of socio-ethical values and spiritual processes, interpersonal and legal interests of the parties, protection of rights in the exercise of professional activity.

– Demonstrate knowledge of the basic laws of mathematics in solving transport and environmental problems with a view to their application in information and communication technologies in logistics and processing measurement results in environmental quality control, integrate the achievements of modern computer technology, software and IT technology in all areas of the transport industry.

– Apply knowledge on life safety, labor protection, transport ecology, chemistry and environmental monitoring in the implementation of professional activities, develop a set of measures to ensure environmental protection and labor protection based on the analysis of harmful and dangerous factors at transport enterprises.

– To carry out a technical and economic analysis of the activities of transport enterprises in order to justify the management and economic decisions made based on the analysis of supply and demand, the dynamics of the transport market.

– To organize the rational interaction of modes of transport, the work of transport complexes of cities and regions during transportation.

– To develop optimal schemes for passenger transportation and cargo delivery in order to ensure the quality of transportation in the market of transport and logistics services.

– To be competent when working with documentation regulating the interaction of participants in the transport process and environmental reporting, including projects of maximum permissible emissions, maximum permissible discharges, and waste passports.

– To design logistics transport and cargo systems and flow processes with optimization of storage equipment parameters by type of cargo.

– To organize and manage material and related flows in the field of transport services , taking into account logistics costs and environmental impact assessment.

– To manage transport processes for the delivery of foreign trade goods in the context of globalization of logistics systems in compliance with regulatory legal acts and international environmental legislation.

– Identify the causes of environmental pollution using knowledge in the field of geoecology, fuel chemistry, and transport infrastructure in the design of optimal logistics systems using various methods of cargo transportation.

Master of the site (shop) ATP (STO); repair engineer; engineer of the technical department; specialist in the operational management of the team for the repair and maintenance of cars, head of the technical inspection center.

The department of “ADTS” successfully cooperates with such companies as JSC ” Machine-building Plant” named afterhim.Kirova, “Bipek Auto” LLP, “Mega Motors” LLP, “Dostyk Express” LLP.

Students undergo all types of practical training on the basis of leading transport, logistics and forwarding companies in Kazakhstan and the CIS.

The department, within the framework of academic mobility and the program of double-degree education, as well as scientific internship of students, closely cooperates:

– Dresden Technical University, Germany;

– Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT), Russian Federation, Moscow;

– Omsk State University of Railway Transport (OmGUPS), Russian Federation, Omsk;

– Ural State University of Railway Transport (UrGUPS), Russian Federation, Yekaterinburg;

– Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria, Varna

– Siberian State University of Railway Transport (SGUPS), Russian Federation, Novosibirsk;

– Riga Technical University, Latvia, Riga;

– Lublin Technical University, Poland, Lublin.

Potlova Zh. D. – Manager of the Sales and Transportation Coordination Department of Kaz-Rail Logistics LLP;

Wilhelm N. A.-Head of the Transport Logistics Department Pony Express LLP;

Kostyrya N. I.-Head of the Transport and Service Department of “Shate-M Plus” LLP.

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