Академия логистики и транспорта
Калиев Ербол Батырханович

Kaliev Erbol Batirhanovich

Assistant Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences, docent

Email: e.kaliev@alt.edu.kz


Professional biography

1986-1994 – Mechanical engineer of the collective farm named after A.Nusipbekov in the Almaty region
1994-2000. Leading economist of Ak Zhol-Bank, Almaty.
From 2000-2007 he was a teacher at the Almaty Industrial College
From 2007-2012, Associate Professor of the Almaty University of Humanities and Technology, Almaty.
2012-2015 Associate Professor of L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Astana.
From 2015-2017 associate professor of the Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K.Satpayev.Almaty city.
2017-2019 Associate Professor of the Eurasian Technological University of Almaty
From 2019 to the present, I have been working as an associate professor of the Department of “ATS and BDZ” at the Academy of Logistics and Transport”


1986 Kaz SHI Almaty “Mechanical Engineer”
1995 T.Ryskulov Kazakh University of Economics (NARHOZ) economist
Candidate of Technical Sciences 2010 220510-“Operation of motor transport” Assoc. professor ALT

Participation in scientific projects

Areas of scientific activity: conducting applied research on current areas of development of improving the construction and operation of a vehicle.


Articles in scientific journals included in the “Scopus” database:
1.Seismic resistance of horizontal underground openings in anisotropic rocks. “Vibroengineering Procedure”, 2016, No. 8,
2.Calculation of the stress-strain state of the deflector rollers. “Vibroengineering Procedure”, 2018, №1,
3. Study on physical and chemical properties of steel 60X2X on a retractable roller conveyor. “Metalurgija”, 2020, 59(3),
4.Study on stress-strain state and deformations occurring in existing roller tables “Metalurgija”, 2020, 59 ,
5.Development of control suspension of attachment of a bulldozer.News of the National Academy №4 2020.
6.Study of stress-strain state billets when rolling in a continuous mill of hot-rolled thin stripes using msc super forge. “Metalurgija”, 2020, 60.
7.Interaction of the working body of the bulldozer with sticky rocks in the absence of a compacted core.Bulletin of KazNITU No. 4, Almaty, 2019.
8.Establishing the value of the resource and the distribution law for the satellites of the wheel gearbox of the dump truck.Bulletin of KazNITU No. 4, Almaty, 2019
9.Zhuyenin senimdiligin reservteu, onyn turleri zhane ony negizdeu. Bulletin of KazATK No. 2 Almaty, 2020.
10. “Electrician car mechanic” Oku kuraly 2020zh Astana kalasy”

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