Академия логистики и транспорта
Цыганков Cергей Геннадьевич

Tsygankov Sergei Gennadievich

Associate Professor, k.t.n., docent

Email: s.cygankov@alt.edu.kz

Professional biography

ALIIT – M.N.S., S.N.S., Head of the lab of the Faculty of Technical Sciences (1986-1995) Institute of Gorenje Problems -N.S., S.N.S. (1995-1996 ) KazATC – Senior professor, associate professor, associate professor (1996 – 2021) Assistant professor ALT 2021


ALIIT – 1983 Mechanical Engineer ktn – Geoecology (2004) Associate Professor – “Human Activity Safety” (2008)

Participation in scientific projects

Alternative fuel, reduction of emissions from the internal combustion engine Labor protection. Answer the research contractor “ANALYSIS OF TEST METHODS AND DEVELOPMENT OF TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FOR EQUIPPING THE LABORATORY FOR ASSESSING THE QUALITY OF FUEL AND OIL FILTERS FOR internal combustion engines” 2010-2011 Participation in research Services for certification of workplaces (2016-2020)


The methodology of certification according to the working conditions of workplaces of railway transport enterprises. Certificate of state registration of rights to the copyright object No. 356 dated 25.02.2015IS 000960 Salzman M.D., Tsygankov S.G., etc. Article Ways to reduce emissions of harmful substances from cars at the intersection of Rayymbek – Utegen-batyr streets, Almaty Industrial transport of Kazakhstan No. 2 Almaty 2018, From 156 – 160. Article Tsygankov S.G., Abdreshov Sh.A. Noise study in the cabins of locomotives of locomotives of the “EVOLUTION” seriesIndustrial transport of Kazakhstan No. 1 Almaty 2020, From 122 – 125. Salzman M.D.,Tsygankov S.G., Labor protection in transport construction, Textbook, Almaty 2018, 392 p. Fundamentals of practical calculations on fire safety, textbook Chess, “Lantartrade” 2021, 134 p. Article Tsygankov S.G.,Imangalieva A.K., .G. Bimagambetova L.N., Imaanalysis of working conditions of conductors of passenger cars, BULLETIN of KazATK No.4, Almaty 2020 pp.54-62. Saltzman M.D. Tsygankov S.G.
Imangalieva A.K.
Abdreshov Sh.A.Handbook on labor protection for transport teaching aid, Almaty, 2020, 460 p.”

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