Академия логистики и транспорта
Ибраев Жексембы Саукенович

Ibraev Zheksemby Saukenovich

Associate Professor, candidate of Technical sciences, docent

Email: zh.ibraev@alt.edu.kz


Professional biography

Associate Professor of “Magistral Engineering” Ibraev Zheksemby Saukenovichch, born on January 1, 1959, Associate Professor of the Higher Attestation Commission in the specialty “Transport”.
The total work experience is 34 years, including 27 years of work experience in KazATC-ALiT.
General list of scientific works and
1977 electrician SHCH-14 station Matai Alma-Ata railway. 1977-1978-served in the Soviet Army. 1979-1980 electrical mechanic RSP-34. From 1980 to 1985 he studied at ALIIT. 1985 to 1988AEMZ technologist, safety engineer and master of the electrodialysis department.
1988-present Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communication named after M. Tynyshpayev( KazATC), ALiT, ALiT


1985-AlIIT, 2003-Candidate of Technical Sciences, specialty Candidate of Technical Sciences, specialty 05.22.08 – “Transportation process Management”, 2006 – Associate Professor of the Higher Attestation Commission, specialty”Transport”.

Participation in scientific projects

He took an active part in the development of a Feasibility study for the construction of the Trans-Kazakhstan railway line with a gauge of 1435 mm, section “Locomotive industry”.
The department has developed a research topic under his leadership: “Problems of introducing high-speed train traffic on the railways of Kazakhstan”.
Contractual research works were also carried out:
1. Development of a system for calculating the specific consumption rates of fuel and energy resources per hour of locomotive operation when performing train and shunting work;
2. Optimization of operational work on sections of the railway line in the western region;
3. Modernization of VL80 electric locomotives;
4. Optimization of wheel steel characteristics of Patentes Talgo cars of Tulpar trains.

From 2015-2019-Director of the training center “Energy Saving and Dissemination of Knowledge”, where he is currently a teacher of retraining and advanced training courses.
The main research areas are: – Improving the energy and environmental performance of power installations of transport equipment; Energy saving and improving the energy efficiency of infrastructure energy facilities, transport and communication complex.


Modern methods of diagnostics of rolling stock
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