Академия логистики и транспорта
Мусабеков М.О

Murat Musabekov

Assoc.Professor, candidate of Technical sciences, docent

Email: m.musabekov@alt.edu.kz

Professional biography

 1974-75 Locksmith zagot. workshops. Training courses as a locomotive driver at the Shar depot
from 1975-77. Service in the ranks of the Soviet Army.
1977-78 p / locomotive driver Locomotive depot Shar.
1978-79-student of the preparatory department of ALIITA.
1979-84 student of the Mechanical faculty of ALIIT.
1984-1985-Master of the shop TO-3 Locomotive depot Shar.
s1985-1992. AEI-trainee researcher, researcher, chief executive of the High-altitude Laboratory of heat engines (VLTD) AEI.
1993-2020-KazATC named after M. Tynyshpayev-
senior lecturer, Associate Professor, assoc.professor of the department. “PS”
2014-2017 Head of the Department Lab. “Energy Saving and
energy audit” 2018-2019 Head of the Laboratory “Environmental safety and assessment of working conditions” 2021-ALT-assoc. prof. of the Department”MI”


Almaty Institute of Railway Transport Engineers (AlIIT),1984
Specialty-Diesel locomotive and diesel farming. Mechanical engineer. – Candidate of Technical Sciences, specialty 25.00.36-Geoecology. 2003 – Associate Professor, “Transport” 2008.

Participation in scientific projects

1. Energy and environmental indicators of power installations of transport equipment and stationary power engineering. 1985-1992-Improvement of energy and environmental performance of KazAZ engines in high-road conditions-the answer.performer of the topic; 1993-1996 Improving the energy and environmental performance of diesel locomotives-guide.
2.Energy saving and energy efficiency improvement of energy infrastructure facilities, transport and communication complex and oil sector. 2012-2018 Head of the Department KazATC Energy Audit Laboratory
(Project Manager: 2017-2018 Head of Department Laboratory “Environmental Safety and assessment of working conditions” (Project Manager):


1. Evaluation of the influence of alcohol additives on the processes of thermochemical transformations of fuels in EXPO-2017 power plants. Proceedings of the World Congress of Engineers and Scientists. Future Energy: Innovative scenarios and methods for their implementation ” WSEC-2017 .
2. Assessment of energy consumption of objects of JSC ” NC “KTZ”Sbornik Mezhdunarodnoi nauchno-prakticheskoi konferentsii na temu “Bezopasnosti dvizheniya trains” [Collection of the International Scientific and Practical Conference on “Train Traffic Safety” – October 29-30, Moscow, MGUPS (MIIT), 2015. pp. 87-89.

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