6B07330 Architecture of buildings and structures

OP title 6B07330 Architecture of buildings and structures
Description Training of specialists with professional competencies in the field of architectural design of buildings, structures, objects, who are able to develop design and working technical documentation, conduct author supervision during the implementation of the project

The educational program “6B07330 Architecture of buildings and structures” aims to acquire students the level of knowledge, skills, skills, work experience necessary for the implementation of professional activities in the field of architecture.

– To use modern methods and knowledge to ensure the safety of life, environmental protection and ecology in the architectural and construction design of buildings and structures, taking into account the interaction of living and inanimate nature, the rational use of environmental measures

– To make architectural and construction drawings using information technology, performing simple calculations and construction of building structures applying the requirements of the general ESKD, SPDS, SP to the execution and design of drawings of sculptural and plastic modeling and academic sculpture in architecture

 – To develop compositional modeling skills in architectural design and artistic design of interior items, to broadcast general layout schemes of a given space, using building materials obtained using new technologies, to choose a design using artistic means

– Architect-builder

– Architect-urban planner

– Landscape architect,

– BIM manager-designer

– Architect-restorer

The Department of “Construction Engineering” has the NIL “Testing of paths and artificial structures” in the disciplines of the Educational program “6B07330 Architecture of buildings and structures”. Friendly, scientific and methodological ties are actively maintained with the Siberian State University of Railway Engineering (SSUPS). Lublin Technical University (Poland), Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture named after N. Isanov

The Department of “Construction Engineering” successfully cooperates with such companies as: Bazis Construction LLP, AKSU GROUP LLP, Metroproject LLP

Bachelors of the 3rd and 4th courses undergo practical training in leading companies in Kazakhstan – Bazis Construction LLP, AKSU GROUP LLP, Metroproject LLP.

-design artist

-interior designer

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