6В07321 ‒ Construction of bridges, tunnels and subways

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6В07321 ‒ Construction of bridges, tunnels and subways


Training of competitive specialists with higher education, possessing the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of transport construction.

According to the Educational Program 6В07321 ‒ CONSTRUCTION OF BRIDGES, TUNNELS AND SUBWAYS, sought-after specialists are trained as builders of bridges, tunnels and subways who have knowledge of the technology of construction of transport facilities, their operation, repair and strengthening.

For educational activities there are:

– highly qualified teaching staff (1 holder of the title “Best Teacher of the University”, many teachers were awarded other state awards);

– close relationship with production and construction companies (passage of production practices at the enterprises of the industry, the presence of branches of the Department of “Civil Engineering” in production);

–  developed laboratory and technical base (RESEARCH LABORATORY “Testing of the path and artificial structures”).

– Use technical documentation on safety in the operation and maintenance of artificial structures.

– To assess the safety of operation of artificial structures based on the methods of hydrogeological calculations, regulatory documents and technical regulations, taking into account the physicochemical and physico-mechanical properties of soils and groundwater.

– Demonstrate the practical application of modern technologies and diagnostic methods, regulatory documents, machines and equipment in the operation, maintenance, reconstruction and repair of artificial structures.

– Assess the technical condition and bearing capacity of bridges, tunnels and subways based on the analysis of the results of diagnostics, surveys and tests during repair and reconstruction.

– Demonstrate the principles of organization and management of bridge and tunnel production, modern technologies and the basics of calculating bridges and pipes during construction, repair and reconstruction.

Enterprises, organizations and complexes that provide current maintenance, inspection, repair and reconstruction of bridges, tunnels and subways.

And also, according to the approved Prof. Standards:


Insulator on waterproofing

Truck crane operator

Plot Manager

Traffic Safety Engineer

Engineer for the construction of transport facilities (bridges and tunnels)

Head of Production Department

Construction Manager

The Department of Civil Engineering has a Research Laboratory “Testing the Way and Artificial Structures” in the disciplines of the Educational Program “6В07321 – Construction of Bridges, Tunnels and Subways”. Friendly, scientific and methodological ties are actively maintained with the Moscow State University of Communications (MIIT), now RUT (MIIT), St. Petersburg State University of Communications of Emperor ALEXANDER I (PGUPS),  Siberian State University of Railway Engineering (SSUPS). Technical University of Varna (Poland),

The Department of “Civil Engineering” successfully cooperates with such companies as: JSC NC “KazAvtozhol”  Almaty, JSC “KazDorNII”, g.  Almaty, Branches of JSC “NC “KTZ” – in all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Bachelors of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th courses undergo production and pre-diploma practice in the leading construction companies of Kazakhstan – Branches of JSC “NC “KTZ”, JSC NC “KazAvtozhol” g.  Almaty, JSC “KazDorNII”, Almaty, LLP “TARKER”,  Almaty, etc.  The advantages of internships are that nonresident students can practice at their place of residence throughout Kazakhstan, where there are branches of these companies.

Repairer of artificial structures, Cladding.

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