Name of educational program



Training of competitive, in-demand personnel of the profile direction with organizational and managerial, research and professional competencies in accordance with International and professional standards.


According to the Educational program 7M07160-Transport facilities, the training of in-demand specialists for the road transport industry is carried out, applied research works are carried out.

For carrying out educational activities there are:

– highly qualified teaching staff (1 holder of the title “The best teacher of the university”, many teachers are awarded with other state awards);

– close connection with production (passing production practices at the enterprises of the industry, the presence of branches of the department in production);

– developed laboratory and technical base.

  • to apply the skills of personnel management, production, management psychology, strategic management and information support of business research.
  • to interpret the results of scientific research in the form of reports, abstracts, publications and public discussions, including in a foreign language.
  • to formulate methods for solving scientific and technical problems with any variables, constant objects of research, with complex systems using mathematical models, probability theory and mathematical statistics.
  • to analyze the technical condition and technical and economic indicators of artificial structures on roads using experimental methods, modern software and hardware complexes and systems.
  • to determine the quality of design solutions according to the requirements of regulatory documents, risk analysis and mitigation, digital technologies and information security.
  • to use methods for calculating the water-thermal mode of operation of the soils of the roadbed of transport structures under operating conditions.
  • to develop comprehensive solutions for strengthening the transport infrastructure and rational methods of reconstruction for the operated facilities.
  • to summarize the application of digital technologies, the principles of building digital measuring devices for transport structures.
  • to make an economic assessment of the structures used for carrying out a multi-factor financial and commercial analysis of the investment project of transport structures.
  • to evaluate the technical condition and technical and economic indicators of transport structures using experimental methods, modern software and hardware complexes and systems.
  • to explore modern technologies and equipment for the transportation of hydrocarbon raw materials, oil and gas mixtures.

Fields of science and technology related to road transport, highways, transport structures and transport infrastructure engineering.

And also according to the approved Professional Standards:

– Construction technician

– Cost Estimator Specialist in automated systems

– Cost estimation engineer

– Chief designer of the project (in construction)

– Chief Project Engineer (in construction)

– Motor grader driver

 – Driver of an asphalt concrete stacker

 – Concrete-laying machine operator

 – Road roller operator

  • Geodez Surveyor Production Preparation Engineer (engineer of the production and technical department)
  • Road Construction Engineer
  • Engineer for road construction materials (road laboratory)
  • Head of the laboratory (in construction)
  • Construction Supervision Engineers
  • Chief Surveyor
  • Head (manager) in construction

To train highly qualified specialists, in accordance with the requirements of higher education, it is necessary today to have a powerful laboratory base. The department has specialized laboratories in the disciplines of the specialty. For example, there is a certified laboratory named after S. M. Bittibayev “Testing of the path and artificial structures”.

The Department cooperates with the Moscow State University of Railways (MIIT), now RUT (MIIT), Novosibirsk and Omsk Universities of Railways, the Tashkent Institute of Railway Transport Engineers (TASHIIT), the Technical University of Varna (Poland)within the framework of academic mobility and the program of double-degree education

The Department of “Transport structures” successfully cooperates with such companies as: Branches of JSC “KTZ-Cargo transportation”, JSC NC KazAvtoZhol Almaty, JSC “KazdorNII”.

The practical training of a master’s student is carried out at the place of study or in scientific organizations that can be considered as experimental platforms for conducting research related to the topic of a master’s thesis. During the practical training, undergraduates are given the opportunity to conduct experimental research according to a pre-developed program that takes into account the tasks of the master’s thesis.

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