Академия логистики и транспорта
Тулемисов Темиргали Жетешович

Tulemisov Temirgali Zheteshovich

Assistant professor, candidate of Technical sciences, Researcher

Email: t.tulemisov@alt.edu.kz

Professional biography

Engineer of the III category of the bridge testing laboratory of the Department “Engineering Structures” of ALIITA, 1990. AlIIT-KazATC-ALT teacher: Assistant, senior lecturer, Associate Professor, Associate Professor, 1990-2021. Deputy Dean of the AlIITa Faculty of Civil Engineering, 1993-1994. Head of the Department “Way and track management” of KazATC, 1998-200gg. Deputy Head of the Training and Methodological Department of KazATC, 2008. Assistant to the Vice-rector for Academic Affairs of KazATC, 2009-2010. Head of the Department “Transport Construction” of KazATC, 2010-2011 and 2014-2015. Member of the UME in the direction of “Transport Construction” of the Department of Higher and Postgraduate Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 2010.


Higher education-AlIIT, 1990 Qualification-Railway Engineer-civil engineer; Postgraduate study-AlIIT, 1993

Participation in scientific projects

The field of scientific activity is – conducting scientific research on the problems of improving the track management system, improving the reliability of the railway track, improving the design of the railway track and methods of calculating them, optimizing the parameters of the rail track, the interaction of the track and rolling stock. Head of R & D: Technological maps “Full-scale inspection”, 2013; Rules for acceptance and operation of reinforced concrete sleepers, 2014; Instructions for the device, laying and current maintenance of a railway track with elastic fasteners, 2015; Standard technological processes for performing track works to replace a switch using track machines and cranes, 2015; Standards for the number of employees of the power supply distance, 2017; Standards for the number of track employees, 2021. and many others.


1. Factors that determine the reliability of the welded seam of a railway track-Proceedings of the International Scientific and Technical Conference “Influence of rolling stock on the durability of a railway track”, Moscow: MGSTU, 2014, pp. 71-74.
2. Tests of the girders of the railway bridge superstructure on the “Yerkinshilik-Edige” stage of the enlarged Astana distance of the track-Collection of scientific works of KazATC undergraduates. ISBN 978-601-207-983-8. – Almaty: KazATC Printing House, 2016. – pp. 235-239.
3. Technical and operational features of the intermediate elastic rail fastening of the Pandrol Fastclip type-Analytical industry journal “Trans-Express”, No. 7 (88). Almaty: Print House Gerona LLP, 2017, pp. 59-61.
4. Analysis of road accidents on the roads of the Republic of Kazakhstan-KazATC Bulletin Magazine, No. 3. ISSN 1609-1817-Almaty: KazATC Printing House, 2020. – pp. 18-23.
5. Features of railway track condition inspection-KazATC Bulletin Magazine, No. 3. ISSN 1609-1817-Almaty: KazATC Printing House, 2020. – pp. 44-52.
6. Investigation of changes in the structure and properties of crushed stone ballast during railway track operation-KazATC Bulletin Magazine, No. 3. ISSN 1609-1817-Almaty: KazATC Printing House, 2020. – pp. 52-58.

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