Department “Transport facilities”

Head of the department "Transport facilities"

Dyusengalieva Turla Mukhtarovna, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Office: № 5202

History of the department

In 1976, the Almaty branch of the Tashkent Institute of Railway Transport Engineers (A in TASHIITA) was transformed into the Almaty Institute of Railway Transport Engineers (AlIIT). Simultaneously with the opening of ALIIT, the department “Road and Construction Production” was organized, where civil engineers were trained in the specialty 1209 – “Industrial and Civil Construction” (PGS) and railway engineers – builders in the specialty 1210-“Construction of railways, track and track facilities” (SZHD).

In 1996, the Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications named after M. Tynyshpayev was established on the basis of the Almaty Institute of Railway Transport Engineers (AlIIT) and the Almaty Automobile and Road Institute (AADI).

In 1977, two departments were formed based on the department “Path and Construction Production»:

  1. Department of “Way and track management”.
  2. Department of “Industrial and Civil Construction”.

In the period of 1978-2008, the Department of “Way and track management” trained railway engineers-builders in the specialty – “Construction of railways, track and track management”.

In 2008, the department “Way and track management” produced the first graduation of bachelor builders in the specialty 5B072900 (050729) – Construction, specialization 5B072900 (050729.05) – Construction of roads and airfields, profile 5B072900 (050729.05.02) – Construction of railways.

In 2009, based on the department “Way and track management” (“PPH”), the department “Transport Construction” (“TS”) was established.

In 2010, KazATC made the first admission of students (undergraduates) to the specialty 5B074500 (6M074500) – Transport construction.

Since June 01, 2021, the department has been renamed “Transport facilities”. Since this period, students are being recruited for bachelors, masters and doctoral studies in the group of educational programs “Backbone networks and infrastructure” and “Transport facilities”.

General strategy of the Department

The mission of the department is to be highly advanced in the training of competitive TCC personnel for Central Asia.

The purpose of the department is to maintain a high level of educational activities and promote the research direction by employees, maintain stable ties with production, actively participate in in-depth training of specialists.

Tasks of the department:

  • training of graduates with an integrated system of professional knowledge, proficient in modern information technologies and foreign languages;
  • introduction of interactive and innovative methods in the organization of the educational process;
  • development of the research base.
  • The accredited testing laboratory “Testing of paths and artificial structures” named after S. M. Bittibayev operates at the Department of “TS”.

The main activities of the laboratory:

Assessment of the reliability and stability of artificial structures in the transport industry

  • Inspection and testing of bridge structures, culverts and other artificial structures on railways and highways, with an assessment of the technical condition and determination of the conditions for passing the mobile load, development of recommendations for troubleshooting and extending the safe operation of the structure;
  • Development of monitoring systems for structures and structures;
  • Training, specialization and internship of bridge specialists.

Engineering and geological surveys

  • Field studies of soils;
  • Laboratory studies of soils and groundwater;
  • Studies of the soils of the foundations of existing buildings and structures.

Interactions of the track and rolling stock

  • Vibration diagnostics of the railway track;
  • Studies of the spectra of maximum reactions (responses or responses) from the crew’s impact on the path.

Contacts of the department

Department: Transport facilities

Address: 97 Shevchenko str., Masanchi corner., 2nd floor 5202 auditorium

Educational scientific laboratories

Educational laboratory “Path and track management”

 5003 аудитория

Accredited testing Laboratory “Testing of paths and artificial structures”

 5009 аудитория

Educational laboratory “Resistance of materials”

 5006 аудитория

Educational laboratory “Materials Science and technology of structural materials”

 5001 аудитория

Educational laboratory “Building Materials”

 5002 аудитория

Educational laboratory ” Non-destructive testing of rails. Technical diagnostics of the track and structures”

 5004 аудитория
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