The department “Language training”

Смаилова Фреза Ибрагимовна

Head of the Department "Language training"

Smailova Feruza Ibragimovna
Phone: +7 (727) 2 92 44 41

History of the department

The history of the department “Languages” is closely intertwined with the history of the Academy of Logistics and Transport itself and it began with the appearance of a branch of the Tashkent Institute of Railway Transport Engineers in Almaty in 1968. The branch worked for 8 years, the training took only two years. In the third and subsequent years of study, students went to the head institute in Tashkent. However, the plan of the first two years of training included studying Russian and foreign languages. In this regard, a section of Russian and foreign languages was organized, which was headed by the future professor of the department Satybaldina H.Zh.

In the section (as the departments were called then) worked only 5 teachers. But life set before the government of Kazakhstan the task of increasing the number of railway personnel, and in 1976 by the decision of the government of the Kazakh SSR, the 52nd higher educational institution was created on the basis of the branch – the Alma-Ata Institute of Railway Engineers, abbreviated as AIRE. Naturally, the department was enlarged, and it was headed by the candidate of philological sciences L.F. Tolmacheva, who had just arrived in Alma-Ata after defending her dissertation in Moscow. Now 15 teachers of Russian, English, German, French languages  already worked at the department. The department in this composition existed until 1991.

In connection with the receipt of sovereignty by Kazakhstan, the question of teaching students the state language arose sharply, and this forced the leadership of the university to divide the existing department into two departments: the department of Kazakh and Russian languages  and the department of foreign languages. The future professor of the Department M.Zh. Isingarina headed the Department of Foreign Languages continued to be headed by Ph.D., Professor L.F. Tolmacheva, and the newly created Department of Kazakh and Russian languages.

The new Department of Kazakh and Russian languages became part of the faculty of “Organization of transportation” and its first steps were the methods of teaching the state language. The department has passed several inspections of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan with excellent grades.

In 1996 the Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications was established by the result of the merger of Institute of Railway Transport Engineers and the Institute of Automobile and Road Transport. In addition, in 2004, in connection with the retirement of Professor Isingarina M.Zh. as the head of the department, a teacher of the Kazakh language of this department, Ph. D.Omarova A.K., replaced her. The following year, 2005, Omarova A.K. defended her doctoral dissertation within the walls of the department. But in connection with the transition of A. K. Omarova to another position in 2006, the department was headed by the teacher of the department, Ph. D. Ismagulova B. Kh. Since 2006, the department, called “Kazaktili”, has occupied a special place in the academy, and in the training of qualified personnel for the transport complex of the country, was responsible for their language training of students, the ability to communicate in two languages – Kazakh and Russian.

In 2009, by the decision of the management of the academy, the department “Kazakh Tili” and the department “Foreign Languages” were again merged and now the department is called «Languages”. The department, where 30 teachers of Kazakh, Russian and English languages worked, was headed by Doctor of Philology, Professor Ismagulova B.Kh. Until 2010, from 2010-2020 the department was headed by Ph. D., Associate Professor Zhardamalieva Zh. B., Ph. D., Associate Professor Smailova F. I., assistant Professor Bekmambetova Z. Zh.

Since December 2020, the Department of “Languages” has been headed by G.U. Kalkabayeva, 18 teachers work under her leadership, among them: associate Professor, Ph.D.-Tansykbaeva B.A., Candidates of Pedagogical and Philological Sciences, associate professors ALT – Zhardamalieva Zh.B., Kalambayeva G.A., Kunakova G.U., Smailova F.I., assistant professors – Eszhanova G.K., Bekmambetova Z.Zh., senior lecturers – Doszhanova G.N., Aliyeva S.A., Shintayeva L.A., lecturers: Amrenov S.B., Turdalieva E.D., Suttibayev N.A., assistant teachers – Alipbaeva E.K., Omarova G.Zh., Sarsenbayeva F.G.

Contacts of the department

Department: Language training

Address: 97 Shevchenko str., 7th floor 5702 auditorium
Phone number: +7 (727) 2 92 44 41

Assigning classrooms to the teaching staff of the department “Language training”

№ 5701 Алдабергенова А.К.
№ 5702  кафедра
№ 5703  Калкабаева Г.У.
№ 5704 Бекмамбетова З.Ж.
№ 5705  Кунакова Г.У.
№ 5706  Алиева С.А.
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