Employees of the Center for Information and Library Resources take part in an online seminar for academic libraries’ staff within the framework of the annual School of Library Technologies for professional training and development:

December 7-8, 2021 – «Implementing modern international standards in information organization. Data management»

School of Library Technologies (SLT) was established as a training center at Nazarbayev University Library. Our aim is to develop and improve the professional competencies of library leaders and experts, to inspire the generation of new ideas, and implement current innovative technologies in the library’s services.

Since 2012, the NU Library in partnership with the Association of University Libraries in the Republic of Kazakhstan has shared best practices and experience of library and information services.

– «We share our expertise and equip with knowledge and skills that we acquired and from what we succeeded: library management, e-resources management, cataloging, open access initiatives and repository development, reference, and patron services».


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