Institute of “Transport Engineering”

Абдрешов Шамиль Аскарович

Director of the Institute "Transport Engineering"

Abdreshov Shamil Askarovich, PhD

4-storied,  office  No. 2420
Phone: 8 (727) 292-17-34, (#. 10-15).
You can also contact the directorate through the virtual reception

Dear today’s and our future students and Master’s degree course students!!!

Not a single state in the world can do without developed transport technology. The role of  transport in the  life of the planet, the state is really important, since the only moving forward leads to progress.

Transport university and  transport industry cannot develop effectively without mutual integration and close cooperation.

THE objects of professional activity of our graduates are: standardization, safety activity and ecology, production, operation, maintenance and repair of locomotives, cars, cars, road equipment, gas and oil storages and gas and oil pipelines and subway. Graduating departments have their branches at transport enterprises, where students acquire practical skills and abilities. All graduates are distributed at the enterprise of  transport and communication complex. The faculty staff constantly monitors  further professional growth of their graduates.

Cultural and sports life is actively developing. Our students have repeatedly become winners of scientific and sports competitions and contests.

Having become  a student of Transport Engineering Institute, you are  setting a solid foundation for your successful future!

Institute history

The Faculty of Transport Technology was created in 2004 by order of the President-Rector of KazATK No. 318 of 28.08.04 on the basis of three abolished institutes of the Academy: the Institute of Railway Transport, Road and Water Transport, Correspondence Training.

Since September 1, 2015, the Faculty of Construction and Economics has been reformed  by the Order No. 226 of 08/24/05. The President-Rector renamed  the Faculty of Transport Technology  into “Transport Technology and Construction.”

In different years, since the founding of AlIIT, the faculty  was  called “Mechanical,” “Electromechanical,” “Electrotechnical,” “Rolling stock,” “Transport equipment,” which were led by Ph.D., Associate Professor Basalaev V.D., Ph.D., Professor Chernyakov A.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor Mikhalin E.P., Ph.D., Professor Sabetov A.S., Ph.D., Professor Kuanyshev B.M., Ph.D., Professor Kaspakbaev K.S., Ph.D., Professor Baubekov E.E., PhD in Technological Sciences, professor M.D. Gabdullin, Dr.Sci.Tech., professor E.E. Baubekov, PhD in Technological Sciences associate professor D.R. Pya, Ph.D., Professor Abdullayev S.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor Dzhakupov N.R., Ph.D. Professor Ibraimov A.K., Ph.D. Professor Shayakhmetov S.B.

Institute contacts

Institute: Transport Engineering

Address: st. Shevchenko 97, Masanchi
Contact details: 4-storied,  office  No. 2420
Phone: 8 (727) 292-17-34, (#. 10-15).


Абдрешов Шамиль Аскарович

Director of the Institute "Transport Engineering"

Abdreshov Shamil Askarovich, PhD

office: 2420, phone. 8 (727) 292-17-34 (10-15)

Сулеева Нургул Зинабдинқызы

Deputy Director of the Institute "Transport Engineering"

Suleeva Nurgul Zinabdinkyzy, c.t.s.

office: 2420, phone. (8-727) 292-17-34 (11-16)

Мусин Нурлан Геннадьевич

Deputy Director of the Institute "Transport Engineering"

Musin Nurlan Gennadievich, m.t.s.

office: 4218, phone. 8 (727) 292-17-34 (11-18)

Шингисов Бейбіт Туменбаевич, PhD., доцент

Head of the Department "Motor vehicles and life safety"

Shingisov Beibit Tumenbaevich, PhD, docent


Head of the Department "Rolling Stock"

Ashirbaev Galymzhan, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate professor

Office: 2407

Исмагулова Саракуль

Head of the department "Structural engineering"

Kulmanov Khalizhan Serikovich, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Office: 2411

Educational program

Educational programs for which training is conducted at the institute:


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