Directors of the Technopark

Chigambayev Temyrbay O., Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Office: 2101

By order of the President-Rector of ALT No. 25 dated 03/31/2023, the Technopark was created.

The technopark is designed to support and stimulate the innovative activities of the Academy of Logistics and Transport, the development of technology companies and scientific research in the field of transport and logistics complex (TLC). The main purpose of the ALT technopark is as follows:

  • Promotes innovation: The Technopark provides companies and startups with infrastructure, resources and an ecosystem, promotes the development and implementation of new technologies and innovative products in the field of TLC.
  • Promotes research and development: The Technopark cooperates with universities and large institutes, providing access to research laboratories and experts who conduct modern research and development.
  • Startup Support: Technopark provides startups with access to local resources, training and advice, helping them grow and develop.
  • Creates jobs: Development of technology companies and startups in the technopark, creation of jobs in high-tech and industrial sectors.
  • Attracts investment: Technopark helps to bring venture capital to a standstill, helping the research group to obtain capital for growth.
  • Creation of innovative ecosystems: The Technopark has become a center where innovative companies, universities, investors and authorities can interact and jointly implement innovations.

Thus, the technopark plays a crucial role in the development of developing and technological industries in the field of logistics and transport, contributing to the growth and development of the scientific and production cluster of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The main tasks and purpose of the Technopark

  • Stimulating innovation: The Technopark creates conditions for interaction between companies, scientific communities, research institutions, innovators and investors, which contributes to the development of new technologies and products.
  • The creation of a workforce in modern employment (offices, laboratories, technical resources) Allows companies to increase productivity, test and implement their ideas.
  • Training and development of personnel: Technopark organizes courses, workshops, seminars and other educational events aimed at improving the skills of specialists and entrepreneurs in the field of technology.
  • Startup Support: Providing assistance to young companies and entrepreneurs at the startup stage, including financial support, advice and resources for growth.
  • Job creation: The development of technology companies in the Technopark can lead to the creation of jobs and ensure the rise of domestic production.
  • Stimulating the economy: The Technopark can ensure the development of an innovative economy by attracting investments and companies with high potential.
  • Formation of a communal space: The Technopark creates an environment for the exchange of ideas and experience of cooperation between companies, which contributes to the growth of innovation and the creation of new business partnerships.

Thus, the Technopark is necessary for the development of innovation and technology in all regions, contributing to the creation of new technologies, jobs and the creation of new economic opportunities.


The main activities of the Technopark

  1. Incubation of startups: Technopark provides space and resources for the development of young technology companies. This includes the provision of offices, laboratories, access to high-speed Internet and other infrastructure resources.
  2. Education and training: Technoparks organize educational programs, seminars and master classes aimed at developing the competencies and skills of entrepreneurs and specialists in the field of technology.
  3. Research and development: The Technopark conducts research and scientific projects in foreign academic institutions or other research organizations.
  4. Technological consultations: Technopark provides consultations and expert support on issues of technological development, innovation and commercialization.
  5. Support for developing companies: Technopark provides financial support, access to investors and assistance in attracting investments for developing companies.
  6. Networking: Creating ecosystems in which companies can interact, gain experience and create new business partnerships.
  7. Technology transfer: transfer of technology and knowledge from the business academy and vice versa.
  8. Innovative events and events for startups: Organization of events, exhibitions, conferences and hackathons to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.
  9. Cooperation in a close cluster and technology community: Assistance in the development of agriculture and the unification of companies and organizations in various technological fields.
  10. Environmental and social initiatives: Development of environmentally sustainable practices and socially responsible projects among Technopark residents.

Areas of activity can be adapted to specific types and goals. It is important that the Technopark focuses on promoting innovative development, creating conditions for the development of technology companies, stimulating economic growth in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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