Business Incubator

Director of Business Incubator

Kaltayev Aidyn Kaldayakuly, associate professor at ALT, Ph.D.

Office: 2101

By order of the President-Rector of ALT No. 25 dated March 31, 2023, a “Business Incubator” was created.

The ALiT business incubator is designed to develop the mechanism for adaptation of student youth in the real labor market, develop scientific schools and scientific and technical creativity of young people, improve the scientific, innovative and educational process in the academy, improve the quality of training of young specialists through participation in the development and implementation of innovative projects, creation with the participation of students of small enterprises – manufacturers of high-tech products.

Main objectives of the Business Incubator “ALT”

  • Stimulating and actively involving students, undergraduates and doctoral students of the PhD Academy in the development, implementation and promotion of innovative ideas and projects;
  • Assisting in the creation of prototypes, prototypes, experimental installations and other demonstration materials of the innovative project;
  • Providing assistance in finding and attracting funding for innovative projects from research and innovation enterprises, business structures, government bodies, public associations, subjects of the real economy and industry, etc.;
  • Search and attraction of innovative projects to participate in various Competitions, Exhibitions and other scientific and innovative events;
  • Creation of a database of innovative projects with commercialization potential;
  • Training and retraining of future entrepreneurs in the scientific and technical field;
  • Promoting the creation and development of innovative projects in the scientific and technical field.

Main activities of the Business Incubator

  1. Organization of competitions for the placement of scientific and technical projects in SBI.
  2. Providing SBI participants with comprehensive consulting and information services in the form of additional education on the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international law, entrepreneurship, scientific and technical expertise, innovation, protection of industrial and intellectual property, copyright and protection of trade secrets, taxation, lending, investments, with the issuance of a standard certificate upon completion.
  3. Assistance in organizing internships for students and undergraduates at enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere, including abroad.
  4. Conducting conferences, exhibitions, seminars on organizational, economic and legal issues of entrepreneurship in the scientific and technical field, including with international participation.
  5. Promoting the formation of funds to support scientific and technical entrepreneurship.
  6. Assistance in attracting investments for research and development, projects and programs of students, undergraduates and young scientists, ensuring the implementation of innovations.
  7. Organization of independent examination of projects and products created by students, undergraduates and young scientists in the student business incubator.
  8. Preparation of economic reviews and development of relevant recommendations.
  9. Providing marketing services to projects hosted in the student business incubator.
  10. Development and testing of mechanisms for subsequent interaction between SBI and entrepreneurs who have successfully completed training at SBI and have implemented their projects.

Information for startupers

Students, master’s students, doctoral students, as well as young scientists with their business ideas and startup projects can take part in the following competitions:


  1. Republican competition of business ideas “Atamekenstart-up” (up to 300 thousand tenge);
  2. Competition for a grant in the amount of 2 to 5 million tenge within the framework of the “Business Road Map – 2025”;
  3. Project “Center for Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship “Triple Helix KZ” (in the IT field);
  4. “Build your own business” competition (up to 50 thousand dollars) to support young entrepreneurs;
  5. Competition of innovative ideas from the KAZENERGY Association, (Student Energy Challenge – Junior);
  6. “Innovation Fast and Furious” (up to 7.5 million) organized by National Agency for Technological Development JSC (NATD JSC) with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan;
  7. Конкурс «Социальное предприниамтельство» (до 1 млн. тенге);
  8. Ежегодный республиканский конкурс грантов на творческие проекты, фонд Первого Президента Республики Казахстан;
  9. Конкурс социальных идеи и проектов, фонд Первого Президента Республики Казахстан;
  10. Конкурс стартап проектов, Astana Hub;
  11. Конкурс лучших студенческий стартап проектов, Enactus Kazakhstan;
  12. Международный конкурс Global Startup Awards;


ALT Business Incubator, 1st floor, room 2101
Director of the business incubator Kaltaev Aidyn Kaldayakuly

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