International scientific and practical conference “Transport potential of Kazakhstan: origins and prospects,” dedicated to the 80th anniversary of statesman N.K. Isingarin “Respect the past – do the present – look to the future”

Academy of Logistics and Transport invites you to participate in the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Transport Potential of Kazakhstan: Origins and Prospects,” dedicated to the 80th anniversary of statesman N.K. Isingarin “Respect the Past – Do the Present – Look into the Future,” which will be held offline/online on September 29, 2021 at the Academy of Logistics and Transport of Almaty.

Aim of the Conference: assessment of current trends in the development of Kazakhstan’s railway transport through the prism of activity of transport and logistic industry operation by N.K. Isingarina, a prominent  statesman and the first Minister of Transport of Independent Kazakhstan, and demonstration of today’s large-scale work of the national carrier  in the way of strengthening international cooperation and modernization of transport infrastructure,  integration of digital technology in order to increase competitiveness in the railway complex – which is the basis for economic development of Independent Kazakhstan, as well as the creation of a space for testing scientific results, sharing experience and knowledge in theoretical and practical issues for integration and innovative development of transport system of Kazakhstan.


Date and place of the conference: September 29, 2021, Almaty, st. Shevchenko, 97, JSC “ALT.”
Tel: +7(727)292 44 85

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