Location: ICT Department Branch, JSC “Transtelcom”, Almaty, “Almatytranstelcom”, Turksib district, Richard Sorge St., 12, Communication House
Date: February 16, 2024
Instructor: Assistant Professor of the ICT Department, Mamylov B.E.
Topic: Splicing and Extending Optical Fibers Using a Fusion Splicer
Groups: RET-20-1 and RET-20-2

During the lesson, students were introduced to the process of splicing and extending optical fibers using a fusion splicer. Assistant Professor Mamylov B.E. demonstrated the equipment and explained the basic principles of its operation, paying attention to each stage of the fiber splicing process. The students were able to see how theoretical knowledge is applied in practice and ask questions related to working with optical fibers. The lesson was successful, and the students gained valuable knowledge and practical skills in working with optical fibers, which will help them in their future professional activities.

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