On March 6th, 2024 Social and Humanitarian Sciences and Physical Education Department hosted a guest lecture by PhD candidate in political science at al-Farabi KazNU, Zhaniya Khaibullina, dedicated to water security in Kazakhstan. Teachers, students of the Department gathered to listen to actual issues of water safety and security. During the lecture participants discussed following aspects of the water: what is wrong with security issues in Kazakhstan? How are the transboundary basins of Kazakhstan related to the problem of shallowing of rivers and lakes?Is a water conflict possible ? What should be done to avoid conflict between states?How does this relate to climate change?What instruments of natural regulation can be applied in Kazakhstan? Is it possible restore the Aral Sea?

The lecture concluded with a question and answer session. Zhaniya Khaibullina noted that attracting youth in regional water cooperation could reduce crises and emerging challenges in water sector. Youth is the leaders of the future world and drivers of the progress.

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