ALT TECHNOPARK is a complex with an effective system of support and development of high–tech startups and companies.

The main task of the ALT Technopark is to create a favorable environment for the development of innovative companies, primarily the transport and communication complex.

Advantages and opportunities.

We provide all the necessary conditions for companies to deal with key issues of activity without being distracted by additional tasks.

Representatives of companies can use a wide range of our services at any time.


  • scientists and experts
  • entrepreneurs and investors
  • mentors
  • technical specialists and
  • qualified managers


  • venture funds and business angels
  • access to financing
  • market launch
  • search for investors


  • seminars and workshops
  • scientific conferences and round tables
  • exhibitions, competitions
  • hackathons, marketons, makatons


  • patent searches and research
  • registration of trademarks, etc.


  • office premises
  • laboratory facilities
  • coworking

Technopark is a place for those who want to realize their ideas!

Our partners:

  1. Corporate R&D centers
  2. Service companies
  3. Startup companies
  4. Development companies
  5. Research institutes (research institutes)
  6. High-tech companies

If you are engaged in an innovative business and are focused on further development?

Do you have interesting ideas or projects that require scientific, academic or technical support?

The technopark is open to inventors, specialists and businessmen!

Technopark ALT, 1st floor, office 2101
Director of Technopark ALT Chigambayev Temyrbay O.

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