If YOU have a business idea and you want to implement it, engage in start-up projects, become a young entrepreneur and learn how to make money, then we are waiting for you at the ALT Business Incubator

ALT Business Incubator is an organization dedicated to supporting projects of young entrepreneurs at all stages of development: from idea development to its commercialization.

The ALT student business incubator is designed to develop the adaptation mechanism for students in the real labor market, improve the quality of education and competitiveness in future professional activities, develop scientific schools and scientific and technical creativity of young people, improve the scientific, innovation and educational process in the academy, improve the quality training of young specialists through participation in the development and implementation of innovative projects, creation of small enterprises – manufacturers of high-tech products with the participation of students.

A start-up is a commercial project based on an idea and requiring funding for development.

The main goal of the ALT Business Incubator is to provide an opportunity for talented youth students to announce their innovative project and receive assistance in its implementation.

The main activities of the ALT business incubator are:

1) providing effective support to students, undergraduates and young scientists who are part of business teams at the initial stage of their work;

2) development of entrepreneurial competencies of students, support of initiatives, including the provision of legal and accounting support for projects developed by students;

3) cooperation with international, Kazakh public, state and private enterprises, organizations, associations to support business initiatives and start-up projects.


Students, master’s students, doctoral students, as well as young scientists with their business ideas and startup projects can take part in the following competitions:

  1. Republican competition of business ideas “Atamekenstart-up” (up to 300 thousand tenge); https://atameken.kz
  2. Competition for a grant in the amount of 2 to 5 million tenge within the framework of the “Business Road Map – 2025”; https://atameken.kz
  3. Project “Center for Youth Innovative Entrepreneurship “Triple Helix KZ” (in the IT field); http://kasipker.info
  4. “Build your own business” competition (up to 50 thousand dollars) to support young entrepreneurs; https://entrepreneur.saby.kz
  5. Competition of innovative ideas from the KAZENERGY Association, (Student Energy Challenge – Junior); https://www.kazenergy.com
  6. “Innovation Fast and Furious” (up to 7.5 million) organized by National Agency for Technological Development JSC (NATD JSC) with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan; https://forsageforum.kz
  7. Competition “Social Entrepreneurship” (up to 1 million tenge); https://fund.nu.edu.kz
  8. Annual republican competition of grants for creative projects, foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan; https://fnn.kz
  9. Competition of startup projects, “ALT – Startup”; https://alt.edu.kz
  10. Startup project competition, Astana Hub; https://astanahub.com
  11. Competition for the best student startup projects, Enactus Kazakhstan; https://enactus.kz
  12. International competition Global Startup Awards; https://www.startup-energy-transition.com.


    ALT Business Incubator, 1st floor, room 2101
    Director of the business incubator Kaltaev Aidyn Kaldayakuly a.kaltaev@alt.edu.kz

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