We invite you to take part in the traditional II International Conference “Innovative Technologies in Transport: Education, Science, Production” for teachers, young scientists, PhD students, postgraduates, master’s students and university students, which will be held on April 29, 2022 at the Academy of Logistics and Transport.

The main directions of the conference (sections):

  1. Information technology in the telecommunications sector;
  2. Innovations in automation and automation in transport;
  3. Current issues in the electric power industry;
  4. Development of innovation, modeling and management in the transport and logistics complex;
  5. Innovative technologies in the teaching of social and humanitarian disciplines, in the field of physical education and sports;
  6. Construction, operation and repair of rolling stock;
  7. Automobiles and road equipment;
  8. Innovations in the transport sector. Development prospects.
  9. Technologies in the formation of a multilingual personality of transport engineers;
  10. Natural science disciplines.

The working languages of the conference are Kazakh, Russian and English.

The reports submitted to the conference should contain the results of relevant scientific research or have important practical significance. The best reports of full-time students will be awarded with ALT diplomas and included in the proceedings of the conference based on the decision of the Organizing Committee.

Form of participation in the conference – intramural/ extramural.

Following the results of the conference, a collection of conference materials will be published, which is part of the EEB with the assignment of an international ISBN number.

The deadline for submitting reports and registration forms is 24.04.2022.

To participate in the conference, you must submit on paper and electronic media to the address of the Organizing Committee of the conference:  with the obligatory indication in the subject of the letter to the “II International Scientific and Practical Conference” the following materials:

– application for participation  (the file name must correspond to the surname of the first author);
– an article designed (in the name of the attached file, specify: the surname of the first author of the title of the article);
– payment receipt.

The cost of publishing one article for authors with obtaining an electronic version of the collection is 5000 tenge.


Joint Stock Company “Academy of Logistics and Transport”
050012 Almaty, Shevchenko str.,97
BIN 010740000551, Beneficiary Code: 17
Account No. KZ6184901KZ503555000 in JSC “Nurbank”
VAT series 60001 No.1218806 dated 27.01.2021

When transferring, you must make a note “For publication in the materials of the II International Conference ALT” and indicate your surname and initials.

Expenses related to arrival at the conference, hotel accommodation are carried out at the expense of the participants or the sending party.

Foreign participants have the right to free publication in the proceedings.

All materials must be designed in accordance with the requirements and carefully edited. Materials that do not meet the requirements and submitted later than the deadline are not considered and are not sent back. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to select reports for inclusion in the proceedings.

ADDRESS OF THE CONFERENCE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: 050012, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, 97 Shevchenko str., ALT, office 2605. Phone: +7 (727) 346-10-74. E- mail:

Information about the II International Conference is available on the website:

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