Technopark ALT, together with the Office of Innovative Projects, announces a competition among students of the academy in the following areas.

– Energy and green buildings. Energy efficiency measures, energy conservation, renewable energy technologies, intelligent consumption accounting, the use of environmentally friendly materials in construction, green roofs and others;

– Waste management. Recycling and upcycling of waste, composting of organic waste, wastewater treatment, other;

– Sustainable food. Greenhouse projects, campus gardening, urban agriculture, healthy food products.

– Biodiversity. Biodiversity conservation, horticulture, urban agriculture, campus landscaping;

– Water. Saving water, cleaning, using rainwater and meltwater;

– Transport. Alternative fuel sources and vehicles, management solutions;

The main ideas of scientific projects are accepted until March 1!!! (Team composition and presentation).

The prize fund is up to 800,000 tenge!

For all information of interest, please contact the office 2101 Technopark and Business Incubator.

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