22 december, 2021

At the Academy of Logistics and Transport, on the basis of the Department of «Automation and Control», on December 22, 2021, within the framework of the guest lecture program, students met with the engineer of the Almaty signaling and communication distance of the branch of JSC «NC «KTZ» – B.S. Rakhmetova on the topic: «Features of microprocessor systems in DC».

The Academy of Logistics and Transport, one of the first Kazakh universities, started strategic planning, changed the structure of education, optimized educational programs. All this is in order to train unique specialists who are able to quickly adapt to new conditions through unexpected analytical solutions.

The Almaty Signaling and Communication Distance, in turn, provides specialists with knowledge, a fundamental base and modern tools to accelerate their professional development.

It is obvious that combining the experience, efforts and knowledge of two subjects important for society (Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and the Academy of Logistics and Transport) will expand the capabilities of specialists in the field of railway transport.

Almaty Alarm and Communication Distance held their not the first meetings with students and teaching staff. The topic of the lecture was chosen for a reason – «Features of microprocessor systems in DC». The main task of railway transport is to transport passengers and goods with maximum productivity, minimum cost and guaranteed safety of train traffic.

One of the most effective ways to increase the productivity of railway transport is to improve the efficiency and quality of management of the transportation process through the creation of transportation control centers (TCC).

During the lecture, students and teaching staff asked questions, provided feedback, actively discussed various typical problems in setting professional goals. The lecture was held at a high qualified level.

In conclusion, the lecturer answered the audience’s questions, gave her recommendations on career strategies and step-by-step instructions for achieving results.

In general, the lecture was very interesting, relevant, the examples given from experience can be used in the career of any specialist.

At the end of the meeting, the Department of «Automation and Control» thanked B.S. Rakhmetova for the time given and provided a commemorative Set of ALT.

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