On October 10, the Academy of Logistics and Transport hosted a round table on the topic “Development of the transport and logistics sector in Kazakhstan”, where experts and specialists discussed the development of the draft “Rules for the provision of freight forwarder services”.

The event was attended by outstanding experts, including:

  1. President-Rector of the Academy of Logistics and Transport – Saltanat Nuradilovna Amirgalieva.
  2. Head of Sales Department No. 8 of the Insurance Department, Freedom Finance Insurance Insurance Company – Yerkhan Serikuly Bilan.
  3. The founder of “ETT CARGO” LLP is Said Rakhimov.
  4. Head of the auto department, Starget Freight Forwarding Company – Indira Kasainova.
  5. Logistician, Freight forwarding company Starget – Madina Satypaldyeva.
  6. Logistics Manager of the Association of National Freight Forwarders of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Yerke Askarbekova.
  7. The Chairman of the Association “Women in Logistics and Transport” (WiLAT) is Marina Kuznetsevskaya.
  8. The head of the ATASU Express fleet is Daulet Rakhimzhanov.

The event was focused on discussing key aspects of the development of the transport and logistics industry in Kazakhstan and was important for the further development of this sector.

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