In order to prepare teaching staff to work in an inclusive education environment, create the necessary conditions and a barrier-free environment, as well as organize educational work for persons with disabilities, from November 20, 2023 to December 1, 20 teachers and employees of JSC “ALiT” successfully completed advanced training courses qualifications on the topic: “Psychological and pedagogical support of children with special educational needs in the conditions of inclusive education.”

In this course, teachers and staff in the goal of sustainable development, paragraph 4, quality education were able to acquire unique knowledge and approaches in working with students with disabilities, how to navigate difficult situations encountered in the process of work, as well as many techniques that they can freely apply in your practice.

During the course, participants covered the following aspects:

  • features of inclusive education at universities based on ABA (applied behavior analysis);
  • the role of the tutor in educational work;
  • work with autistic students;
  • adaptation of students with disabilities;
  • dealing with unwanted behavior;
  • punishment and side effects of punishment;
  • reinforcement (encouragement);
  • learning new skills;
  • alternative communication systems;
  • communication with peers;
  • skills of behavior in the premises of the university;
  • subordination skills.
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