All ALT educational programs were entered in the TOP-3 according to information published by the Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education.

Bachelor Degree:

  • B065 Transport Equipment and Technologies (Motor vehicles) – 1st ranking;
  • B062 Electrical Engineering and Energy – 2nd ranking;
  • B063 Electrical engineering and Automation – 2nd ranking;
  • B095 Transport Services – 2nd ranking;
  • B059 Communications and Communication Technologies – 3rd ranking.

Master degree:

  • M104 Transport, Transport Equipment and Technology – 1st ranking;
  • M151 Transport Services – 1st ranking;
  • M152 Logistics (by industry) – 2nd ranking;
  • M096 Communications and Communication Technologies – 3rd ranking;
  • M099 Electrical Engineering and Energy -3rd ranking;
  • M100 Automation and Control – 3rd ranking.

Congratulations to ALT team and teaching staff with successful performance.

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