In June 2024, an event for the defense of comprehensive diploma projects of students from M.Tynyshpayev ALT University was held at the production site of the “Almatytranstelcom” branch.

The State Attestation Commission included: Chairman of the commission – Alipbekov A.S., Acting Director of DURS Deputy Chairman of the Attestation Commission – Ivanov A.A., Vice-Rector for Corporate and Social Development of M.Tynyshpayev ALT University Members of the commission: Lipiskaya M.A. – Director of the Department of Academic Policy and Quality of M.Tynyshpayev ALT University Kasymova D.T. – Head of the Department of “Information and Communication Technologies” of M.Tynyshpayev ALT University Mamylov B.E. – Assistant Professor of the Department of “Information and Communication Technologies” of M.Tynyshpayev ALT University

Additionally, representatives from the “Almatytranstelcom” branch participated in listening to the students’ reports: Muradbekov M.S. – Director of Operations of the “Almatytranstelcom” branch Zhanyazova K.L. – Head of HR Department of the “Almatytranstelcom” branch

The following topics of comprehensive diploma projects were considered:

  1. Research on WDM redundancy issues in telecommunications systems of JSC “Transtelcom”
  2. Project of JSC “Transtelcom” on the construction of TETRA standard digital trunked radio communication on the Almaty – Konaev railway section

The relevance of these topics lies in the fact that modernization and proper operation are among the main factors of the operational activity of a telecommunications enterprise, covering production, marketing, and organizational stages of servicing various communication devices for the normal functioning of the communication operator. The projects used statistical and analytical methods for information processing, mathematical and software capabilities for calculating and presenting the necessary indicators. The students made concrete proposals supported by their calculations, demonstrating their necessity and effectiveness.

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