On August 28 of this year, on the basis of the «Academy of Logistics and Transport», a conference was held with the participation of 1st year students dedicated to «Constitution Day». The event was attended by Doctor of Law-Kundakova M. Zh., member of the Youth Support Council of the Amanat Party, project manager for the formation of anti-corruption consciousness of youth within the framework of the Adal Urpak project-Kuntubai A. S. and Director of the D. Kunaev College, Knight of the Order of Kurmet, member of the political council of the Amanat Party, associate professor-Bulekbaeva R. Ch. were the speakers.

The conference was attended by students, teaching staff and discussed topics such as «The Constitution is the basis of stability and prosperity of Kazakhstan», «Referendum-2022, what has changed?», «The future of the country is youth».

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