Kazakh national clothes are a subject of material culture of Kazakhs.

Kazakh national clothes are sewn according to ancient traditions, taking into account ethnic, economic and climatic conditions. According to its purpose, national clothing is divided into undergarments, outerwear, casual, ceremonial and traditional. Clothes for celebrations and occasions were sewn from expensive fabrics. According to the Kazakh custom, the soldiers wore the best, expensive clothes before the battle. Undergarments include: dress, trousers, vests, women’s kazakin; outerwear includes: chapan, kupi (clothes lined with camel, sheep wool or skins), tank tops, ichik, sheepskin coats, fur coats; rain clothing includes: chekmen (homespun caftan), kaptal (worn over a coat in winter), kebenek, kenep (felt clothing, such as a burka), raincoat. The preservation of the traditions of the Kazakh national dress in modern times is largely the merit of the elders and others.

Adhering to the traditions of our people at the Academy of Logistics and Transport, every Wednesday of the week is called “National Dress Day”, employees and students dress up in Kazakh clothes with great pleasure and arrange a national holiday on that day.

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