From April 29 to May 11, within the walls of the “ALT University named after Mukhametzhan Tynyshpayev” educational practice for 2nd year students took place. In total, 816 students were sent to practical training, of which 345 students from the Institute of Transport Engineering, 328 students from the Institute of Automation and Telecommunications, and 143 students from the Institute of Logistics and Management. The purpose of educational practice is for students to master primary professional skills. During the internship, field trips were organized for students to the branch of «NC «KTZ» JSC – Almaty signaling and communication distance, branch of «KTZ-Freight Transportation» LLP – Almaty locomotive operational depot, branch of «KTZ-Freight Transportation» LLP – Almaty branch of the State Enterprise, branch of «Transtelecom» JSC (Almaty), «Mega Motors» LLP and «Mega Drive» LLP, etc. For students of the specialties «Transport Logistics» and «Service Management in the Industry», guest lectures were held on the topics «Management of Transport Services», «New opportunities for obtaining services for railway passengers». The Department of Civil Engineering organized geodetic practice in the field for its students, where students worked with topographic maps, a theodolite, and a level. Also, during the internship, students completed the «Working with Microsoft Office» course on the platform in an online format, where they were issued certificates upon completion of the course. At the end of the practical training, students submitted reports.

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