July 1, 2024 for graduates of ALT University named after M.A solemn event “Awarding diplomas to graduates of 2024” was held in Tynyshpaeva. The event was attended by more than 700 professionally trained specialists, masters of their craft. The congratulatory speech and parting words were delivered by the President-Rector S.N. Amirgalieva. In her address, the head of the University thanked all graduates that they had to go through the thorny difficult path of a student who had passed through the “World Pandemic – Coronavirus”, studied online, the events of the “Bloody CANTAR”. The path that today’s graduate has worthily followed. Along with difficult times, graduates can be proud that they were the first graduates of ALT University. The head of the university presented letters of thanks and memorable gifts to active graduates and parents. 

The graduates and their parents expressed warm words of gratitude for an interesting and eventful student life. 

The atmosphere of the event was inspired by creativity and originality.

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