On April 25, 2024, and April 26, 2024, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., students of the specialty “6V07128 Railway Track and Track Maintenance” participated in a guest lecture delivered by Sergey Mukhambetsadykovich Murzinov, the manager of the functional direction for normative-technical documentation at JSC “NC” KTZh”.

During the lecture, modern technologies for railroad track repairs were presented, highlighting their crucial role in maintaining the safety and efficiency of railway transportation.

Murzinov elaborated on the latest achievements in the field of railway track repair and maintenance, including innovative methods for diagnostics and monitoring of track conditions. He emphasized the importance of utilizing modern high-tech equipment in infrastructure maintenance for railway transport.

Special attention was given to standardization issues and compliance with regulations in the track repair process, which is a key factor in ensuring safety and the quality of transportation.

Murzinov also shared his experience in managing and optimizing processes related to the repair and maintenance of railway infrastructure, providing valuable insights for future specialists in the field of railway transportation.

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