Meeting with the psychologist and head of the leisure center “Otbasy” Ilyasov Gulmir Baymuratkyzy on the topic: “How to recognize an abuser and an aggressor?”. Within the walls of ALT University on April 25 of this year, organized by the Senim club, a training seminar for girls on the topic “How to recognize an abuser and an aggressor?” was held for the sustainable development of point 5. At the training seminar, Gulmira Baymuratkyzy, a psychologist and head of the Otbasy leisure center Ilyasova, told the girls how important it is to get to know people around you, including relatives and friends. The lecturer taught how to recognize people, helped the girls to understand their inner world, self-awareness, overcome fear and anxiety. The participants of the training really liked the information they received.

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