10.04.2024 teacher of the department “Language department” Aliyeva S.A. held a master class “Types of games and methods used in the lesson”. She shared her experience, accumulated over these years, and shared many new ideas. Also, Salima Apbazovna showed how to make the lesson interesting by sharing the visual aids, which uses in the lesson.

First things first, Aliyeva S.A. showed the method “Can you speak?”, she said that she was collecting autumn leaves from the field. The goal of this game is to become a “seller and buyer” and it turned out to be a great game that allows you to learn what words and phrases you can use to get your chosen item, regardless of whether you have a vocabulary or not. In addition, young teachers of all professions were showed examples of methods such as “Snowball”, “Change place”, “Do you know a person?”, “You can also be a poet!”, “White list”.  The formula “POPS”, the method “Reflection” and “Fishbone” are shown for summarizing the lesson. Although the master-class was designed for young teachers, it was also interesting for teachers with many years of experience.

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