On September 29, 2022, as part of the work on the further employment of graduates, a meeting was organized for 4th year students of the institutes “Logistics and Management” and “Transport Engineering” with the managing director, representative of the passenger railway carrier “Kaz Rail” Tauekelov Ruslan Serikovich.

The meeting was devoted to current challenges in the field of passenger rail transport and personnel prospects of the present and future in the industry as a whole.

The goal is for students to get information about the company, to get acquainted with the main activities, development prospects, and the requirements that the employer puts forward to specialists.

The meeting was held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

We hope that our students will find worthy application of the theoretical and practical knowledge gained in our Academy.

We thank Tauekelov Ruslan Serikovich for organizing the meeting and visiting the Academy!

FOR STUDENTS OF THE ACADEMY, for internships and employment, please contact the Office of Career Development of the DCS, room. 2210, to the chief specialist-expert Begimkulova E.A.

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