On April 26, 2024, the Academy of Logistics and Transport hosted the IV International Conference “Innovative Technologies in Transport: Education, Science, Production”, dedicated to the 145th anniversary of the first Kazakh engineer M. Tynyshpayev and the 120th anniversary of the Kazakhstan Railway.

The main goal of the conference is the exchange of experience, research, modern methods and approaches that contribute to the development of scientific thinking, leadership competencies, creative abilities and the improvement of professional skills of students.  In areas: current problems of social sciences, humanities and physical education; innovative priorities in the process of language teaching panel session 4 was held. High-level scientific reports with presentations were presented and discussed, which were recognized for their quality and content, and reports on the topic of artificial intelligence aroused particular interest and discussion. Presentations and reports in English and Russian covering innovative technologies were noted. Each report reflected current problems and issues of modern science. The meeting participants highly appreciated the variety of topics and depth of analysis.

The meeting concluded successfully with valuable knowledge gained and advanced research and technology discussed. The students were awarded diplomas of I, II, III degrees and certificates for participation.

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